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  1. Cofresí

    10 Reasons Why Dash is not an "Alt" Coin

    lolwut? Sorry to derail this very valuable thread, but it would be really great if you could explain how on earth you come up with this? I saw this claim before when I read your proposal, and if I hadn't automatically rationalised it as being you making just an arbitrary example of possible...
  2. Cofresí

    Concerns for DIP3

    Yeah, I think Camo's automatic operator reward adjuster would be a bit clumsy to build right now. It definitely won't ever work without interaction with the owner (KeyIdOwner, collateral signature needed) Right now I guess you could "overwrite" a registered masternode with a new ProRegTx...
  3. Cofresí

    Did he not just describe DASH without realizing it?

    So happy to see you back with a constructive suggestion. Bullish!
  4. Cofresí

    I am doing a research for my masters and Dash is the best Blockchain for it

    Hi @Mo Behairy ! There is an excellent post about how to setup a devnet by thephez:
  5. Cofresí

    Create awareness for Dash in Iran (one Persian website+a tutorial article+7 subtitled videos)

    So happy to see this! All the best for your proposal which will certainly help greatly with Dash uptake in Iran!
  6. Cofresí

    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    Great initiative hermanos! I'm quite sure you are aware of it, but please make sure to also look at for some inspiration. Suerte!
  7. Cofresí

    Trezor to Exodus Wallet (LOST 13 dash??!!)

    I wouldn't worry too much. This tx looks perfectly normal for a Trezor transaction. With all likelyhood XuMXbvyw7PnixsezGnDDG5xTsvjcBT1dXM is just a change address in your Trezor wallet...
  8. Cofresí

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    Hi Krishna! I'm very excited with your excellent initiative and wish you best of luck! Did you fail on this step? npm install -g bitcore-node-dash This currently fails on mac when trying to install dashcore. You should be fine on Ubuntu though. Do you have the possibility to install it on...
  9. Cofresí

    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    Hi Bertrand! I cannot open the new version v0.9.13 on macOS Sierra. The old version works. Thank you!
  10. Cofresí

    (Pre Proposal) - «World of Internet Business»

    Big fan of your work and person :) Continue your great work Julin!
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    DashCore Team Restructure and Recruitment

    Just thrilled to see this quick expansion and want to welcome all of you to the team Will, Oleg, Karol, Ilya, Sergey and Ian! :D With you quality people joining the other semi-gods of the DashCore team I'd say Olympian times lie ahead of us :D. I recently joined the EVO development team as part...
  12. Cofresí

    Evolution Security

    Hehe, storing on the network? That would be highly unsecure. No private keys will ever leave your wallet (client side). The credentials do relate to the public and private key of a regular Dash wallet, but are hierarchical deterministic. Look into BIP32, BIP44 and BIP39.
  13. Cofresí

    "DASH2" infringing Dash's Trademark

    please check the date the Pre-ANN thread was created ;):rolleyes::p
  14. Cofresí

    Maybe I'm just not "smart" enough to get it, but...

    @BobDamage I relate to a lot of points in your thinking process, but @demo and @lynx hit the nail on the head. I think the problem is not that you are naive, far from it, but that you are still too ingrained in thinking in traditional socio-political-economic terms and lack some fundamental...
  15. Cofresí

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Hey Figl, do you recommend setting a low maxconnections setting in dash.conf or high? I have it on maxconnections=64 and some of my nodes went down even with good specs. Maybe better to set a lower value? Thanks for spreading the knowledge :)
  16. Cofresí

    Maybe I'm just not "smart" enough to get it, but...

    No, I don't think you missed anything and thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand your idea much better now. It is not bad, but imo would be overly complicated to implement and, more importantly, I'm afraid would conceptually never fit into cryptoland. No chance to get specific owners...
  17. Cofresí

    Maybe I'm just not "smart" enough to get it, but...

    I don't think that this is quite what BoBDamage meant, lynx. I guess that when he says identify and register a wallet to a miner he means something like binding a local hot masternode to a remote cold masternode using a throwaway private key. You could use the same technique to bind a miner to a...
  18. Cofresí

    Maybe I'm just not "smart" enough to get it, but...

    We have had some discussions about mining in the past, e.g. . Just talk, but interesting talk. You should also consider that Evan has specifically designed X11 to be hard to be implement in...
  19. Cofresí

    The Federal Reserve

    How quaint to see a scary FED post turn into a philosophical discussion of soul qualities ;). But indeed how fitting. IMHO the decision to serve mammon (arrogance, ignorance, egoistical greed) or your own soul (the greater good) will always be an individual task that has to be worked through...
  20. Cofresí

    DASH WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL if it does not solve this Problem

    Here's some wisdom from pragmatic rural Russia: клин клином вышибают, meaning something like 'fight fire with fire', or 'only a diamond cuts a diamond', e.g eating ice-cream to get rid of your cold, or the best way to fight your sex addiction to maybe consider .... I'm half joking of course, but...
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    So true, and methinks our humble opinion is shared by no less than the ever-evolving spirit of universal consciousness which, in an act of self-oblivion, dedicated to that very word the infinite self-imploding double torus which is our cosmos. Vibes of love are bound therewith, encapsulating...
  22. Cofresí

    Mysterium Network - A Decentralised VPN would be nice to see this dashified and in the Evolution market place ;)
  23. Cofresí

    New online store that accepts Dash

    down for me as well
  24. Cofresí

    Ideias Radicais - w/ Evan Duffield

    Nice interview! For people interested in economic/political theory: What Evan talks about in the end, reminds one of how new, disruptive ideas sometimes can fall asleep for many a winter without being much noticed, except in expert circles, only to reemerge and blossom with the right...
  25. Cofresí

    New website discussion

    here you go:
  26. Cofresí

    Dash in dominican republic?

    Welcome to the forum nffox007! Glad to see you and your question. Personally, I've been asking myself about the potential of cryptocurrency for the Dominican market for some time now, because I live here. Theoretically HUGE potential, like in all developing countries. The practical problems...
  27. Cofresí

    Bitcoins – die neue Währung der Prostitution (No Dash)

    Crypto should kill the pimp in the long run. Uber for prostitution anyone? Could be a catalyst for real world usage of DASH, just like Silk Road was for BTC. First step: tell all those escorts accepting BTC to better accept DASH as well. Because 5 years from now your then wife knows how to read...
  28. Cofresí

    I'm looking for a tough USB. Is IornKey Ok?

    I can only recommend IronKey. I got two D250 around 2008 and still use them for important stuff I don't want anybody ever to access (eg. cryptocoin savings). One backs up the other, just in case entropy happens and Dunedoo's signature get another entrance. Does it make sense to buy such...
  29. Cofresí

    Electrum Dark
  30. Cofresí

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    you just redefined the meaning of coloured coins (by adding rainbowed coins and unicornerd coins) Kind of pains me to think of the millions you lost by getting into dark instead of pump/dumping rainbow coin like a month ago. But maybe it is not too late? A lot of doge chics are bored of the...
  31. Cofresí

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Smash! How can such a lovely head come up with such wicked tricks. Hedy inspires men the wrong way :what:
  32. Cofresí

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Wrong question for a newbie avenger :) But if you offer a reasonable price, I'm in.
  33. Cofresí

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Open the qt project file in Qt Creator and Edit > src/qt/forms > overviewpage.ui
  34. Cofresí

    Un-Thought Through Thoughts

    I imagine this to be possible as soon as there exists a liquid decentralised crypto exchange. Look at the counterparty protocol: An exchange that would (ab)use their protocol and add a wrapper parameter to the send command could use the existing...
  35. Cofresí

    Социальная сеть делится доходом с пользователями

    Спасибо! Btw: can someone please explain to Jaron Lanier, why DRK is the perfect catalyst to realise his ideas? He should mention Darkcoin everywhere, everytime and in every interview. I'd even pay him to do that LOL.
  36. Cofresí

    Electrum Dark

    err... akhavr just watch out that you get the same one on server and client. Mainnet addrtype is 76. Testnet is 111. Maybe you want to start with testnet. You see it here nicely on ccurl108 orignal darkcoin port of the server in utils/
  37. Cofresí


    Oh, shut up. You're the one and only drk-cheerleader and you know it. And isn't coins101 an inspiration? Multi-sig indeed + p2p. What's there to regulate anymore? The system regulates itself. I think I know now how to do it. Simpler than described before. Time to stop talking and deliver. Guess...
  38. Cofresí


    A p2p exchange doesn't have to be slow. You could solve discovery of A and B with a p2p network which includes each exchange wallet and where each exchange wallet knows what each other exchange wallet wants to trade by broadcasting its orders to everyone in the network. Or by using a trade...
  39. Cofresí


    Thanks so much for this nice uterus mandala that's perfect for my meditations. Will make my daily flights to the 胎蔵界 and the five wisdom kings so much easier. Just kidding. :wink: Unfortunately the devil dwells in the details... one thing which is not so clear to me in your representation is...
  40. Cofresí

    Darkcoin is more centralized than we think?

    Hey Knievel, your hack has already earned yourself just short of half a masternode up to now. If, while drinking your coffee, you can think of an easy-to-implement solution that gets rid of the temporary reference node without resorting to solutions Evan already mentioned while still assuring...