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  1. tuppydog

    Ibelink x11 ASIC Miner 2nd Batch DASH Crypto

    If anyone is interested in buying my Ibelink, let me know! I'm very willing to work through any questions you may have, or come down on price. I'm still working on possibly upgrading to the latest V1.5 (I may just put the firmware on a SD card and the user can install it if they want). Also I...
  2. tuppydog

    Dash Miner Build utilizing Dashminer

    Hi everyone, I had posted this last year, and I've (am) sick. So please excuse my slow speech. With ASICs coming out, this may not be the most economical way to mine Dash, but you could also mine any coin with this. I posted this before, but Dailymotion pulled it for some reason. I hope it...
  3. tuppydog

    Video for building a 4 GPU Dash System

    Hi all, I just completed a video to build a mining machine. It is unedited and kind of hard to follow. I was sick at the time, my daughter helped me but left so it was hard to finish, but hopefully it will help someone, using dashminer on this, can run other coins also. I will upload all...
  4. tuppydog

    Which is the best place to buy DASH directly, and Tax Implications (US)

    Hi, I usually mine all my coins and use shapeshift and directly send it to coinbase, then finally to the bank. If I BUY Dash, what exchange would you use and process would you use to turn it into dollars? Would this be all subject to taxes, and if so, what would be the best rout? Any help...
  5. tuppydog

    Dark Send

    Hey, I accidently hit the dark send button and got this, what does this mean, I didn't mean to send anyone anything, and never have sent anyone anything, I'm a long here.
  6. tuppydog

    Sapphire AMD 7970 vs SAPPHIRE AMD R9 280

    Does anyone know which card hashes faster? It looks like the same exact card! Thanks..!!!!
  7. tuppydog

    What sgminer version do you use?

    I have been using x11-Sgminer 4.1.0g for months now, and I have been reading that there is a 2% or more fee that gets sent out to the author. Can anyone give me any information on this, or is there another older sgminer that you would recommend? It seems like the newer sgminers (5.x) do not...
  8. tuppydog

    Sgminer (ubuntu), question about hash rate

    These questions are for the pro miners out there, please help me...!! I have been working on mining since Jan1st 2015, and I have been addicted to this ever since, I'm not the fastest learner, but I can't stop doing this. I've even considered puttting up a solar power tower just to build more...
  9. tuppydog

    What is the best video card to buy, AMD 7970, NVIDA etc?

    Just trying to get some generalized opinions on what you guys think the best overall GPU card is. Also, if you could comment on how easy it is to setup, that would also be very helpful. I just ordered a used AMD 7970, and I would like to purchase a lot more if I can get my rigs up and running...
  10. tuppydog

    Having trouble Syncing wallet to network

    It's been 20 hrs, is this a known issue? I'm running v0.11.0.13. It was working fine, then it just stopped updating on one more immature transaction...
  11. tuppydog

    I have a question about creating wallets

    Hi, I am pretty new here, but I have managed to get through all of these recent changes. I just have a simple question and was hoping some could answer. How to you create another wallet in v In the old Onyx version, I think it was pretty easy, now I don't see that command. Could...