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    всем привет! Вчера в Раше сделали митап по даше! Спасибо alex ru Запустили первый в рф дашемат! Фотки с ивента у нас в инсте - Давайте обсуждать промо даши на земле Алекс суперчел заразил меня дашкой Спасибо ему
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    Crypto atm

    hi all my name is Vlad and i am from the far distant land ironically called Russia. Cryptocurrencies here have huge potential. Yesterday we installed ever first in Moscow cryptocurrency atm with dash! I want to discuss this business with dash community. Couple words about me: - london school of...
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    Rossomahar from Russia

    hi all! I represent Russian brand Rossomahar - the Russian bride of the honeybadger. What is rossomahar? It is the wolverine animal from the same family of animals as the honeybadger symbol of bitcoin. We are the blockchain sowtware developer and processing company which manufacturers atms for...
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    Dash in coinsbank

    hello all! I am developing cryptocurrency atms business in Russia and use coinsbank as payment gateway. But they dont have dash coin. Will it appear in their api?