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  1. B - NEW Multi Currency XPY Game. Invest and WIN. 30 Mins till launch

    Hello, Thought I would share with you guys a new ponzi that is just about to be released Yes, a ponzi, but it is in game style. First people in win, last people lose. When the bank has enough funds it pays the next in line. Insta pays 125% and accepts 7 currencies Check it out, hasn't yet...
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    DASH now accepted at (2% interest hourly on DASH!)

    *not confirmed ponzi, consider this as a gamble rather than a stable investment! CryptoHours gives you 2% interest on your Bitcoins and DASH (and other altcoins!) every HOUR! You invest, e.g, 0.1BTC, and you'll get 0.002BTC every hour until you have a total of 0.2BTC! Is it paying? YES...
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    Double your DASH (and 30 other cryptos) -

    *To mods, this is not a confirmed ponzi. Terms and FAQ state they earn money trading and mining. Here's a general overview :) Features: ☑ 100% In 100 Hours ☑ No Investment Limits ☑ 5% Referral Bonus ☑ Completely Automated ☑ Fast Support ☑ Guaranteed Returns ☑ Simple and Easy to use User...
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    "The Most Advanced Investment Platform" - Double Your DASH in 200 Hours (1% Interest Per hour)

    Hi DASHTalk So I have stumbled upon who claim to be the most advanced crypto currency platform on the internet. They have paid over 13,000 people since their launch, including myself. I am being paid 0.0099BTC from my 0.99BTC every hour. Check it out: 0.99BTC Deposit...
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    Crypterest - 100% прибыли в 100 часов - 10% реферальных

    английский: URL: | Twitter: @Crypterest | Email: [email protected]
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    DOUBLE your DASH (DarkCoin) with Crypterest. Crypto Investment Platform + 10% Affiliate Commission is a ponzi guys, don't invest.