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  1. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team - Updates

    Hi everyone, I will give a quick update about the french Dash Cycling Team. We are now 16 members and everyone seems very motivated about this project with Dash. To my knowledge, following my explanations about Dash, 3 members have invested money in Dash and an other one will invest next month...
  2. PabloS

    how to post a proposal ?

    When you finish step 4 of the tuto. Then you will have to wait for your proposal to appear on Dashcentral, you may have to wait a few minutes. Then you have to claim the ownership of your proposal. And that is only after that, that you will be able to edit it, add content, etc.
  3. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    I am glad to announce that the proposal is submitted on Dashcentral:
  4. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Hello everyone, As all comments are positive so far, I've decided to up a proposal to the network tomorrow. If any of you have a last comment or suggestion on how I could improve my proposal, don't hesitate ! See you on Dashcentral :)
  5. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Photo of the team during our meet-up with the Dash windbreaker: We are now waiting for the new Dash logo before ordering the jersey and the bibshort. As I was saying in my pre-proposal, I did a dash presentation to the team members and offered give-aways. It was interesting to see the...
  6. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Dear Coqui33, I will keep the community posted every month in that thread. I will post the team’s results and photos when the race season starts (March 2018). As soon as the new logo from Ogilvy is out, I will order the outfits and post the picture on the forum. There will also be updates (in...
  7. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Dear RGXDK, I can't say I wasn't expecting your post :). I remember that you were already not agreeing with that project when I posted a draft of it in the general discussion. I believe all the benefits for Dash are explained in the part “Benefits for Dash” (awareness raised about Dash...
  8. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    I posted my pre-proposal on the forum :)
  9. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Dear Dash community, please let me introduce a pre-proposal TDLR; Project Sponsoring of a Dash Cycling Team in France (team already created, with 13 members so far) for about 1,26 Dash/month What’s in it for Dash Short-term: 1. Buzz in the local cycling world (it is unheard of that an...
  10. PabloS

    Proposal: Marketing & Communication (October)

    Hi @fernando, I am starting a Dash Cycling Team in France. I have a deadline to order the customized outfit (end of december) in order to be able to start the racing season. I am patiently waiting for the result of Orgilvy & Mather work to order the outfit but it would be a great inconvenience...
  11. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Well good news. The merchant I was in contact with is now accepting Dash and will soon integrate it in his websites. He has two businesses: You can now pay for a paragliding fligth and parachute jumps in Annecy. And rent a boat for a cruise in Martinique...
  12. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Well, I hope to prove you the contrary. Also on you will find some local merchants that accept Dash already. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Thank you @splawik21 for your comment and to everyone that liked the post. It's very important for me to know that the community support the project and I am glad that it seems like it. (I guess I would have received more critics in the other case). But still, as I am always looking for...
  14. PabloS

    Dash Cycling Team

    Dear Dash community, On my personal funds, I am creating a Dash Cycling Team (Team Dash Cyclisme) in the beautiful city of Annecy (French Alps), to promote Dash by cycling sport events. The team will be voluntarily lead by myself Pablo Saluden and be voluntarily lead trained by David Reyberolle...
  15. PabloS

    Team Dash Cyclisme

    Super @Obusco , ce sera l'occasion de se rencontrer et d'aller prendre un verre ! Du coup je vais pouvoir lui dire que plusieurs personnes de la communauté Dash sont déjà intéressées pour des vols de parapente, ça va améliorer mon argumentaire de vente :) Merci @Leonidas pour ton soutien :D
  16. PabloS

    Team Dash Cyclisme

    Bonjour à tous ! Je suis en train de créer un club de cyclisme sur Annecy : Team Dash Cyclisme. Pour les personnes présentes à la conférence Dash, leonidas a du vous en parler :) Je vais mettre un message en anglais sur le forum dans les prochains jours pour présenter le club et le projet...
  17. PabloS

    Pre-proposal: Renewable enegy DAO

    I would definitely vote yes for this. I agree with you, if Dash produces more energy than consumes it, it would be a great thing for Dash in a marketing point of view. And it could at the same time benefit the poorest countries a great deal. I also like the fact that you want to start small at...
  18. PabloS

    Project Live Log - Dash & HBPay Adoption @ Foodtruck Bazaar

    Hey @Jamalulkhair Khairedin Did you notice that you are missing a few Yes for your proposal this month ? Maybe you should write a message here and on dash central to give some updates and convince some people that are still hesitating on your project. 1 day left to vote.
  19. PabloS

    How to bring users to the Bisq decentralised P2P exchange

    Thank you for this review ! Bisq with some improvements, especially about the user experience and the collateral requirement, could really become a great asset to reinforce cryptocurrency.
  20. PabloS

    How to bring users to the Bisq decentralised P2P exchange

    Thank you for your answers ! Dashous seems nice but, as far as I understand it, it is a platform to arrange meeting for physical exchanges, right ? They are completing each other. It is great to have both but we really need a decentralised trading platform without leaving your home. OpenANX ...
  21. PabloS

    How to bring users to the Bisq decentralised P2P exchange

    As stated by @Dworf, Bisq peer to peer trading platform is not used at all which is a shame. Actually I have also been thinking about that lately, first by reading that article from DashForceNews praising for peer to peer decentralisation exchange and now more than ever with those rumours about...
  22. PabloS

    3 Amigos Podcast Episode 15 Feat. Ian & Chuck From Dash Core

    Hey @Mark Mason ! I really like The 3 Amigos Podcast but sometimes I don't have time to listen it entirely. If I am not the only one in that case, do you think it would be good to add chapter markers on the videos ? It will allow the viewer that is short in time to go directly to the topic...
  23. PabloS

    Le Franc CFA sur le déclin - La solution Dash ?

    Il y a un grand mouvement de contestation autour du Franc CFA. Difficile pourtant pour ces pays de s'affranchir de cette monnaie qui reste la dernière monnaie coloniale en activité. Nom...
  24. PabloS

    Voici le coût d'un avocat pour Dash en France

    Oui ce serait intéressant d'avoir un feedback sur l'avocat et l'affaire. Le temps de prescription est de 6 ans il me semble pour un vol donc ce serait encore valide pour une plainte, mais si c-cex n'est pas basé en France, ça risque d'être plus compliqué. Dans tous les je vous souhaite bon...
  25. PabloS

    Energy consumption

    Well it would be very interesting to get an good estimation about Dash's electricity consumption. Bitcoin consumes more than a country like Croatia. The mining activity of Ethereum uses as much electricity as a country like Cyprus so 4.2...
  26. PabloS

    Pour savoir comment déclarer ses dashs, c'est par ici !

    Merci pour toutes ces infos et le temps passé aux recherches !
  27. PabloS

    Yes my pseudo in DashNationSlack is pablos. We can try to figure out what is going on. Concerning the other games like the Lucky Christmas I have the same problem. Wheel of Fortune, Funny Soccer and Olaf the Viking are working just fine.
  28. PabloS

    Hello ec1warc1 ! I tried your website, it's really nice. Just some feedback: I didn't manage to play the Bionic Race. It is uploading well but then I can't move the character. Also I encouter a problem with Lucky Christmas. I can Spin one time but then I can't do anything. I can only click on...
  29. PabloS

    Mass adoption: Reducing the fee to 0 ?

    Thank you for your answers. Very interesting interview about Dash and Evolution in particular. It does answer my question about the transaction fee. I understand that with Evolution the transaction fee will be paid by the merchants and not the user. This information will help me a lot when...
  30. PabloS

    Mass adoption: Reducing the fee to 0 ?

    Thank you for your answer. So if I understand correctly if we have a 0 fee policy for transactions, some ill-intentioned people will try to spam the network. But there is at least one cryptocurrency that I know that have transaction that cost 0, and they don't seem to meet that problem yet. So...
  31. PabloS

    Mass adoption: Reducing the fee to 0 ?

    Concerning mass adoption, I do have some concerns. In my country in France, my bank account is free, my credit card is free. When I pay a coffee with my credit card, it is an instant payment and there is no fees. So really this system is fast and totally free for me. Why would I change my habits...
  32. PabloS

    Chinese “CERT” report

    Hello, Nem keeps on communicating about this article: It is not really bad but doesn't seem good either for Dash. But the article goes back to december 2016. Do you think the informations are still accurate...
  33. PabloS

    Motorcycle rent for Dash. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Hey @zhivenkoff, I checked on and I couldn't find you. Did you try to register ?
  34. PabloS

    Dash Force News - Nouvel Article

    Super ! Merci pour ces traductions :)
  35. PabloS

    product placement on a TV show?

    At this moment there is a pre-proposal about this called: Dash Product Placement in Hollywood productions
  36. PabloS

    Motorcycle rent for Dash. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Nice, I know where I will rent a scooter when I go to Thailand now ! To increase your visibility you can register and add your business listing at
  37. PabloS

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello everyone ! I am Pablo from France. I have been following Dash since the end of december. I am spending a lot of time reading this forum and on dashforcenews. The quality of discussions and informations I find there is really good, thank you for that. I will go on reading as much as...
  38. PabloS

    Mention très rapide de Dash dans le journal le Point

    Le même article a été publié le même jour sur les sites de Courrier international, Ouest France, La Dépêche, etc. Apparemment ça vient d'une dépêche AFP de New-York.