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  1. Somali-Warlord

    Now this is a great community video
  2. Somali-Warlord

    Is Segregated Witness also coming to DASH? With this coming down the line, would we still need to increase the block size? Should we increase it anyway?
  3. Somali-Warlord

    PR Initiative
  4. Somali-Warlord

    This website

    This website needs to be looked over once or twice. We need to remove Darkcoin from certain areas of the site: > The internal operations of the Darkcoin Foundation including elections, procedures and so on. From the other thread section: >...
  5. Somali-Warlord

    Imagine This

    A Lamassu DASH ATM and Vending Machines in every Airport in a country. As crazy as a marketing plan as this sounds, it could be done. Start with a small country, with only 5 - 10 airports, which are privately operated. Use the governance platform to one by one, outfit these airports with - an...
  6. Somali-Warlord

    [CLOSED] 2000 DRK stolen from masternode wallet

    Thread: A hacker/virus stole TWO masternodes worth of darkcoin from this guy, and we're looking for any help you folks can offer. I'm not the person who got hacked, but I'm concerned as can be and would love if...