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  1. DynhoJ

    Proposal: Dash Team Alpha a solution!

    Hello community, I'm João Leite AKA JohnyD/DynhoJ and I’m an event builder in Porto, Portugal. Yes, that city that was elected the best European destination for the 3rd time in a row...
  2. DynhoJ

    Voice chat for Dashers

    Hello everyone, I would like to request a offcial Dash voice chat with rooms, so we could discuss projects , people can discuss and learn more about, and for the community to speed up communications overall I would like to get exponencially more evolved with Dash but i Find it hard to do using...
  3. DynhoJ

    Few questions about Dash and crypto in general

    Hey all, I´ve been seen bitcoin like 4 or 5 years ago and kept an eye on it sometimes, but lately with all this new information around and impact it´s having these so called crypto's, which with quantum computers I feel dangerous, although other than that i got many other questions and i think...