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  1. Proteus

    3 days to go - please VOTE

    Look at you guys just kicking away with that 1.2m annual budget ;P
  2. Proteus

    A possible way to "catch" the burnt funds & incentivize community writers.

    I certainly didn't write my medium article FOR tips but it wouldn't have hurt my feelings to receive some! ;P
  3. Proteus

    Hmm I see I was booted from slack. Awesome.

    That's really unfortunate... Especially when you've been quite heavily involved in the community from what I can see at least.. This should be fixed.... Immediately.
  4. Proteus

    If you had a 10GB fiber line with unlimited usage how would you monetize it?

    This is something I've been going over the last few days and I was curious to see what ideas people come up with :) How would you turn your tech savvy and unlimited usage of the fastest connection in the world into a monthly income? Hosting? VPS? Cloud Computing? Discuss!
  5. Proteus

    Review my Dash write up

    <3 fixed both, thanks
  6. Proteus

    Review my Dash write up

  7. Proteus

    Review my Dash write up

    Did a write up on medium. I'll also send this to a few of the crypto news sites etc If anyone wants to go ahead and scrutinize for errors here's the non-published link: I plan on publishing in an hour or two Thanks :)
  8. Proteus

    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    good point! lol
  9. Proteus

    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    it was probably linked to the Cryptsy price API, is my guess. We should go ahead and get that updated to polo (or even better would be to make an index that can keep updated and not rely on a single exchange).. I could probably put together an index if people think it will be useful (and be used)
  10. Proteus

    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    I don't think they do too much banning on here... but most would find it odd to produce so much media about something you're less than fully educated on. Any media/buzz is good usually, but misinformation can be toxic.
  11. Proteus

    OK, help me feel better PLEASE

    most people who have something to hide don't login a "yahoo email" from their clearnet ip lol but I know there are a lot of uneducated whom it would be in our best interest to be the solution they can use without having to be a pro at ipsec, cyber security and/or cookies/malware web tracking etc...
  12. Proteus

    What IP do we have?

    I'm pretty sure Ybcoin is just a fork of DASH as well... If there was such thing as a "finished product" crypto we may need to worry but considering this is a living and evolving entity (like that evolution plug?) we'll always be the top just due to development and market share/perception. Even...
  13. Proteus

    Is our forum under troll attack?

    Every forum is under troll attack sir ;)
  14. Proteus

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread Day #2

    Yea, I just had a bit of a nerdgasm ;P Great stuff guys! Super jelly I'm not there :( Maybe my wife and I can sneak over for some after party :P Good work though guys! Evans speech was really good (minus the POS Point of Sale/Proof of Stake slip up!)
  15. Proteus

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    So annoyed that I'm only an hour away but can't make it :( Enjoy guys, and great work!
  16. Proteus

    DASH at TNABC 2016 in Miami

    Seems like this debate is getting put to rest a bit (by non forum trolls), so would probably be beating a dead horse at this point. The goal is completely on point though. If we can get enough people educated it will be a natural evolution to adopt the superior digital monetary system on a...
  17. Proteus

    Is Ybcoin just a DASH clone/rip off?

    but... don't the Chinese have the worst restrictions known to a modern economy over citizen funds/savings & movements? From my understanding they can only invest 50k USD (in cny) per year in foreign investments. Combine that with an economy that is in a free fall providing no domestic investment...
  18. Proteus is live!

    looks awesome, but no rss?
  19. Proteus

    A kiss for our favourite Ginger!

    Being a ginger myself when I saw that Evan & another dev (holger I think?) were gingers I immediately felt a strong sense of brotherhood with the dash community haha Honestly though, Dash should have an elite branch of the core dev team consisting of all gingers titled "the ginger bred men" /win
  20. Proteus

    Miami conference tickets

    Any chance that anyone has discount/extra tickets for sale or am I really going to be forced to pay full price for this thing? My wife is press (photog w/ press pass) and can guarantee coverage for the event if that helps (which I'm having her do regardless)
  21. Proteus

    Is Ybcoin just a DASH clone/rip off?

    Even if a pump n dump, just a couple multi-million dollar trading days and we are sure to catch the attention of some we otherwise wouldn't. Plus the Chinese are perfect for DASH and benefit probably the greatest from what dash offers. I'm not saying we should go all "M word" on them but if our...
  22. Proteus

    Is Ybcoin just a DASH clone/rip off?

    All I can gather from shitty chinese translations on google is that the coin has a masternode system that requires you to have 1000 total and provides instant confirmations... dafuq? How strong currently is our asian/chinese presence? Wouldn't be a bad idea to throw some of the budget to...
  23. Proteus

    Dash to merge with Nubits

    NuBits is already apart of its own ecosystem and community. Created by Jordan Lee the creator of Peer Coin (PPC). Which I believe is the first PoW/PoS hybrid coin (to eventually be all PoS). This is also where Prime Coin (XPM) came from. I do think it's a great idea to work with them in ways...
  24. Proteus

    DASH/BTC on Openledger decentralized exchange

    You're dead on, just like stellar/ripple except decentralized. There is quite a bit more to it, I know there's been a lot of work done in terms of development.. I'm not sure that this is the decentralized exchange that will last, but I do know I'm going to do all I can to support the concept...
  25. Proteus

    DASH/BTC on Openledger decentralized exchange

    opendash is dash that is on the network. when you withdrawal opendash you withdrawal dash to your dash wallet.. I know it's confusing but it does function from what I've experienced thus far
  26. Proteus

    DASH/BTC on Openledger decentralized exchange

    I put this in IRC but think I have it mostly figured out. So the decentralized exchange openledger is out on the bitshares platform. I'm using the software/wallet but it's also accessible via browser @ I deposited some dash and btc from the deposit/withdrawal...
  27. Proteus

    The Evolution not-a-whitepaper is anti-privacy?

    I would definitely include a way for a user to manually request personal/transactional data be dumped and overwritten across the network.. Even if the network is using that data for transaction verifications, allow the data to be wiped after so many blocks (or so much time). All companies...
  28. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    There really is no point in me continuing to post at this point. This went from a discussion to a full retard "point and accuse" session. Labeling every person who voices distress or makes a negative comment as a "BCT/Monero Troll" might be a lot easier than actually addressing an issue, but it...
  29. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    Are you serious right now? Honestly, I'm worried and concerned and was attempting to voice that. If you haven't noticed this is a rapidly shifting industry, more so than most. Even in a traditional industry better technology does not always win. There are many factors that attribute to the...
  30. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    Yea, again if it's the budgeting system than it is a failed or more specifically pre-mature system. However, the amount and frequency of these large dumps would suggest a much larger holding than what is provided in the budget system or MN payouts.
  31. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    It literally just happened again as I was typing this message. As soon as the floor order volume filled 4.5k DASH was dumped on poloniex.
  32. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    At this point it would be foolish of me to think that I am doing anything but throwing my money away by purchasing DASH. I've spent around 5k in the last week alone attempting to protect my existing holdings by reinforcing walls on poloniex. I did this previously on cryptsy. Considering I've...
  33. Proteus

    Dash google trouble

    The responses to this very legitimate concern is actually kind of disturbing. I assure you being a marketer in E-Commerce since 2008 (and around for all of the ranking changes) that it is not as simple as "when the team pays attention" .... That sir, is not how this works. The days of "just...
  34. Proteus

    should we be encouraging masternode hosting services or not?

    I've ported the peerbox distro to Masternode on respberry pi's.. I've been working on adding more functionality to it but its based on ArchLinux so fairly secure. I do think its best to host your own if you can, the VPS vulnerability is unlikely but does exist.
  35. Proteus

    Is the new budget system driving down the price of DASH?

    Peter Thiel (PayPal founder, crypto supporter) is quoted in the book "zero to one" as saying something like "If you wait for your technology to be tested and perfect, by the time you get there it will surely be obsolete"
  36. Proteus

    Is the new budget system driving down the price of DASH?

    I also have noticed a sharp difference in trading pre & post budget payouts. We are seeing much larger chunks of DASH being dumped or walled on exchanges, while NOT seeing a decrease in MNs. Which tells you it is not existing MN owners who are dumping their coins. My first thoughts are either...
  37. Proteus

    Abolish Darksend & Save Dash

    Well if it is true that the mixxing process will be passive and automatically enabled in v13, that's all the liquidity we could need. Again, I haven't kept up to date and didn't know that was "in the works" prior to posting.
  38. Proteus

    Cryptsy steals 5824 DASH from user while DASH wallets down for “system maintenance”

    Cryptsy is headquartered in Florida. Florida does not play with Financial crimes. (Hence all of the arrests in FL from BTC related "crimes") Remain vigilante and use the thousands of testimonies available to define their "character" and "business practices" ... You'll win. It will take...
  39. Proteus

    Abolish Darksend & Save Dash

    I think that this community definitely understands the power of a name and the power of perception. So I can only imagine that this has been addressed before (probably around the time of changing names). Darksend is an amazing feature and natural progression in this technology and...