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  1. jimbit

    Reserve Acquires Dash, Payment start-up When I seen this article, I was confused.... and still am. what is this dash they speak of?
  2. jimbit

    dash masternodes could replace uber!

    I was just introduced to today thru a news article. Then with a little more research I realized that they are NOT decentralized at all, it is just an uber cloan that is jumping on the ethereum...
  3. jimbit

    IPV6 addresses

    Is it possible to set up a MasterNode using and IPV6 address? this looks promising: dash-cli masternode status { "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(a882fefaacf811142eca5650c4325e92361aedf36e3eaaf3325714e95581f629, 0), scriptSig=)", "service" : "[2001:470:b:73b:250:56ff:fe0c:3a3d]:19999"...