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  1. feedbands

    Pre-Proposal: pay musicians around the world 10 cents in Dash per stream

    Hello Dash Community, Feedbands is a five year old music streaming service. On June 4-6 we tested a feature where we paid our artists 10 cents in Dash every time a song of theirs was streamed. During that time, we were able to: fix some bugs (not all streams were paying) test out some fraud...
  2. feedbands

    Buy hundreds of everyday items in the US, pay in Dash, free 2-day shipping on everything.

    Hey Dash Nation, Just wanted to let you all know of my weekend project, Took about two days and $100 to set up, it uses the instacart model where anytime someone buys something, a member of our staff goes and purchases it and ships it out. The prices are a little high right now...
  3. feedbands

    Dashinformer update - merchant inquiry

    Hey Dash Nation, We were contacted today through the dashinformer helpdesk by someone who spent his entire personal career selling products and services to restaurants and has a massive database of 50,000 restaurants and countless personal relationships. He originally found us through a search...
  4. feedbands

    Internet Ads update

    Hey Folks, we've been working super hard over here and have lots of updates. First if you haven't seen the new please check it out. We're pretty proud of it, and again, this is just the landing page we built for tracking purposes for the campaign. We had to wait for it to be...
  5. feedbands

    Dash branded ledgers

    Hi! Maybe someone is working on this already, but if not I'd like to get it into motion. I recently received a SALT branded ledger. It's very cool. Polished metal branding right on your hardware wallet. There were lots of people at the Dashfest using cryptocurrency for the first time and...
  6. feedbands

    Dash takes out full page newspaper ads in all the largest newspapers

    Dash Nation, Today Google issued a statement that cryptocurrency ads will be disallowed in June. Current Feedbands / Dashinforner budget takes us up to June and we will make a huge impact between now and then. After that, we believe we will be able to successfully continue advertising dash as...
  7. feedbands

    Channel for proposal owners to make sensitive communications to MNO's only, not viewable to all?

    Hello, is there a channel for proposal owners to make sensitive communications to MNO's only -communications which should not be viewable to the entire internet but only to MNOs? Does this already exist? Is there a way to use the existing MNO verification of the forum / DC / to allow proposal...
  8. feedbands

    Let this be the last Super Bowl without a Dash ad.

    I would like to encourage someone to begin working in this now for next year.
  9. feedbands

    Mechanism by which MNOs can be awarded dividend-like payouts

    Here's something that should probably exist (if it doesn't already - please correct me if I'm being ignorant): some sort of way to distribute a payment in dash equally between all MNOs. Let's say someone solicits the treasury for funds to buy a coffee shop that will 100% run on Dash. Proposal...
  10. feedbands

    Warka Water tower for clean drinking water in Haiti

    Hey friends, As some of you know I am constantly brokering proposals for Dash where I think it could be valuable. I've contacted high level folks who work in POS to submit integration proposals. I've contacted the Shift card team to integrate, etc. etc. Last month after voting closed, I heard...
  11. feedbands

    Request for Proposal

    In Venture Capital, there is a term RFB, or request for business. Sometimes, venture capitalists have a clear idea of the kind of business they would like to invest in, but no entrepreneurs are approaching them with such businesses. They would be happy to invest in any qualified team who wants...
  12. feedbands

    Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Reddit Ads Update Thread

    ***update 1/28/2018*** Phase I Proposal Link: Phase II Proposal Link: (thank you for continuing to fund this campaign) Thank you to everyone who voted to continue funding this proposal. I am committed to...
  13. feedbands

    Feedbands Official Update Thread

    PROPOSAL LINK: Just wanted to post an update and say thank you to everyone who has supported our proposal. We are excited to bring cryptocurrency to the music world. Integration: Our engineers and designers have begun the integration and we will likely...
  14. feedbands

    POS Integrations

    Hello Dash Network! In 2010 I cofounded a company called The idea was loyalty / reward cards for your smartphone. I came up with the idea and the name for it (proof) while my partner Jitendra had an MBA from the university of Chicago and the connection to investors to really move...
  15. feedbands

    Is a 30-day average appropriate for proposals?

    Wondering everyone's thoughts on the common practice of using a 30-day moving average for proposals. The price of dash has gone up over 100% in the last few weeks. Does anyone actually expect it to return to the $600- $700 average? Do folks think the moving average is still good practice for...
  16. feedbands

    What if all sends were instantsends and it did not cost extra?

    I think this would give DASH an unfathomable advantage.
  17. feedbands

    Pre-proposal: Internet ads

    Hey Network, this pre proposal is simple: Facebook ads targeting those interested in crypto. Google ads targeting crypto related searches. And a nice big banner ad on coinmarketcap. I believe if properly targeted and deployed, these ads could easily increase the value of the coin by reaching...
  18. feedbands

    Proposal: DASH SXSW Music Festival

    Feedbands proposes to throw a music festival inside of the greater South by Southwest music festival which is attended by nearly 100,000 people. We will showcase absolutely phenomenal independent musical acts in a highly visible location while offering excellent craft microbrew beers for $.25...
  19. feedbands

    Proposal: rollout to thousands of independent musicians

    Hello dash community! Graham Langdon here, founder and CEO of Feedbands. I am completely in love with Dash and want my company that I have been building for the last five years to be a launchpad for Dash into a large and thriving community of independent musicians. About Feedbands: Started in...