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  1. Tyke

    Dash - History of the First Year BOOK

    You may be aware that I am in the process of writing many "History of the First Year" books based on individual cryptocurrencies. At the moment, I have just published the 6th book in the series titled "Digitalcoin - History of the First Year" (~21st June 2016). Please look at my author page on...
  2. Tyke

    Dash History Book Poll

    Dash has less than half the vote compared to both NEM and Ethereum in this poll: I will be writing books about these four crypto coins in 2017. I will begin with the winner of this poll. 4-5 days left.
  3. Tyke

    Cryptocurrency "The Alt-ernative" Book Review by Jason Schaumleffel

    Here is the video of Jason Schaumleffel reviewing his purchase of the new book called Cryptocurrency "The Alt-ernative" A Beginner's Reference: This book is now available on Amazon. It contains four exclusive pages about Darkcoin.
  4. Tyke

    Main DRK historical events

    Please could the DRK community list five main historical events of Darkcoin which they think are most important since its launch.