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  1. jimbit

    Corrupt dashman installer???

    This document still suggests using dashman:
  2. jimbit

    DashRadar development thread

    Hello, Awsome work on this site. I have recently found myself needing to follow some coins thru the blockchain. Love the import json function on the live graph page. Would it be possible to add a feature where the 'Live' page only shows transactions of certain addresses? use case...
  3. jimbit

    My 2 cents about Simplex

    Ouch.. thank you for the report.
  4. jimbit

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    are binaries avail yet for MN's ??
  5. jimbit

    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    Awesome update, THANK YOU.
  6. jimbit

    Additional Detail: New CFO & Patents

    WOW... Thank you Ryan and team for all the hard work... and patience when many of us were complaining about not being updated, we get it now!!!!
  7. jimbit

    Pre-Proposal: Create the first DASH gateway on Ripple

    The more exposure and gateways the better.. my votes are yes
  8. jimbit

    Pre-Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform

    I too look forward to the content of an interview with toa... will it be recorded?
  9. jimbit

    Jaxx Version 1.2.6 is now available with Dash on iTunes ; )

    damn.. I just commented on a similar post.. My comment is.. awesome, does this mean we will get a core dev version of the wallet on iphone soon?
  10. jimbit

    Dash Force News: Jaxx Successfully Re-Adds Dash Into iPhone Wallet

    This is awesome news!.. Does this mean we could get a core dev wallet on the iphone soon?
  11. jimbit

    iOS Wallet Warning!

    What was the conclusion of this? did the app get verified or pulled?
  12. jimbit

    Increase Funding Budget to 50%

    correct me if I am wrong, but even at 10% we are not utilizing most of the budget, right? I would not be in favor of a change.
  13. jimbit

    No Masternode Payment after 15 that normal?

    you active duration is: 1d1h8m34s did you do a start-alias from your local? I also have one that has not been paid for a couple weeks.. but that is because of my issues.. I upgraded, but did not install sentinal right away.. then the ddos took me offline and restarted the active duration again
  14. jimbit

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Again Welcome aboard @CharlieShrem .. this looks like it will get my MN votes. My only suggestion/questions. can/should we have the QR code and dash addy on the back to send funds to? Also consider the EVO release and being able to send coins to a username.
  15. jimbit

    Maybe I'm just not "smart" enough to get it, but...

    I stopped reading at "Total anonymity is not smart because...""
  16. jimbit

    starting an already-started masternode

    I was under the assumption that the sentinel was a nice to have, not a must have... is sentinel required for MN to run properly??
  17. jimbit

    starting an already-started masternode

    I think I left out the cron... arrgggg. Thank you sir.
  18. jimbit

    starting an already-started masternode

    I just found mine in the same situation... I hope restarting doesn't put me back in the queue. but I think it does..... update. now they are all WATCHDOG_EXPIRED hoping for the best.. when will we do the switch to update required?
  19. jimbit

    Dash has cancer, take a look at the xray...

    I stopped reading at 300 dollars!!
  20. jimbit

    Version 12.1 Release

    so is not considered a large merchant??
  21. jimbit

    Version 12.1 Release

    IPv4 is now manditory for masternodes ??? this hurts :(
  22. jimbit

    Reserve Acquires Dash, Payment start-up When I seen this article, I was confused.... and still am. what is this dash they speak of?
  23. jimbit

    dash masternodes could replace uber!

    I was just introduced to today thru a news article. Then with a little more research I realized that they are NOT decentralized at all, it is just an uber cloan that is jumping on the ethereum...
  24. jimbit

    A whole bunch of questions...

    edit: I replied to this post before reading all the others.. pardon me. You should research other coins then.. for instance freicoin. I disagree with 'it should be inflationary'. scarcity will just make the value go up over time. crypto currencies are NOT to replace fiat, but enhance...
  25. jimbit

    Announcing DASH.ORG!

    DIGITALCASH !! this is the word I have been focusing on... I don't talk about dash.. I ask about digitalcash.. "Do you take digital cash?" the word dash will catch on eventually, but digital cash is what we should all be talking about. as for the, when I first heard about it on...
  26. jimbit

    IPV6 addresses

    Good. My IPV6 nodes have been running great since I migrated to my new hosting a couple of months ago.. payments look OK.
  27. jimbit

    WTB Dash for PayPal

    not many will be willing to do paypal.. buy bitcoins from a localbitcoiner, or use coinbase, then buy the dash at poloniex or cryptsy.
  28. jimbit

    IPV6 addresses

    Is it possible to set up a MasterNode using and IPV6 address? this looks promising: dash-cli masternode status { "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(a882fefaacf811142eca5650c4325e92361aedf36e3eaaf3325714e95581f629, 0), scriptSig=)", "service" : "[2001:470:b:73b:250:56ff:fe0c:3a3d]:19999"...
  29. jimbit

    V12 Release

    Mine said they started OK, but they did NOT! I just noticed another new file masternode.conf. looking at the guides here in the wiki did not help me. Format: alias IP:port masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index I know the masternodeprivkey I think i know what the...
  30. jimbit

    Development Update - June 2, 2015

    Holy updated code Batman!! I look forward to the public testing as always.
  31. jimbit

    Announcing the Project Management and Delivery Excellence Initiative

    awsome news, as usual....... dash-agile... dagile
  32. jimbit

    Technical Analysis Of DASH Cryptocurrency - The Merkle

    I cannot confirm or deny the fact that I may have, or may have not agreed or disagreed with it.
  33. jimbit

    Technical Analysis Of DASH Cryptocurrency - The Merkle

    I do not agree that we disagree
  34. jimbit

    Why should i use Dash instead of Bitcoin?

    I dont think this argument holds water... there will be approx 20M DASH... about the same as bitcoin... so right now betting one dollar is 0.25DASH what will the decimal be in a month? 6 months? 1 more year?
  35. jimbit

    Why should i use Dash instead of Bitcoin?

    interesting that they are taking 0 confirmed transactions..... lets see how long that lasts next time the btc network forks for a couple of blocks and many of their 'transactions' are rolled back from being on the wrong fork!!
  36. jimbit

    Darkcoins to Dashcoins...

    also.... It Is Not dashcoin... it is DASH
  37. jimbit

    11.2 - Dash Release

    am i looking in the wrong place? wget --2015-04-02 14:14:10-- Resolving (
  38. jimbit

    How can a cryptocurrency become mainstream?

    In addition to what oblox has said... credit cards are a 1950's tech.. you give your private key to every merchant. Even the government is working with IBM to experiment with crypto. do the math. this is the very beginning of something HUGE>
  39. jimbit

    Dash Logo Contest

    @Evan will there be a runnoff for the 2 winners? or one wins straight up?