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  1. Fount4inhead

    MN Start using DMT

    Masternode needs a Start, used to use core client but now use a hardware wallet with DMT, How do you do a MN Start using the DMT tool?
  2. Fount4inhead

    MN gone from list with upgrade 13.2

    My MN is hosted by moo do you still need to register yourself~?
  3. Fount4inhead

    MN gone from list with upgrade 13.2

    MN is not showing in MN list after updating to 13.2, do the MN configurations need to be changed to a new format?
  4. Fount4inhead

    Economic Considerations.

    I was aware of what you have just wrote prior to making this thread. If you base a systems functionality on speculation, it can never be reliable and will not make mass adoption. If all crypto is to you is a casino token that can be here one day and gone the next. Which it is to the majority...
  5. Fount4inhead

    Economic Considerations.

    I had to listen till 35 min mark until Ryan addressed this point if people are interested. However the issues all remain, they are not resolved in the least. But rather Ryan is saying we can ignore these as we are going to create a third form of income as profits through providing services...
  6. Fount4inhead

    Economic Considerations.

    Dash was never originally designed for what its evolved into today as a dao. Because of this what happens to core funding, the proposal system and to MN ownership as supply runs down. If we consider MN ownership as an investment, average investment on the S&P 500 is about 10% for the last...
  7. Fount4inhead

    Does anyone else here turned off by new dash icon?

    I like it. Its not always being implemented in the best way though.
  8. Fount4inhead

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    What you like cannot be totally irrelevant because you also are part of the demographic.
  9. Fount4inhead

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Our original seems to carry more meaning. It has the Dash in the D the italics make it look like it's Dashing, it doubled as a C so it's both Dash and Cash. I don't see what they have added here. The double D is a definate no imo, I mean why? The softer more rounded and lower case font of the...
  10. Fount4inhead

    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    I like it, however I would encourage Ryan and Evan not to encourage the community to do or not do a thing.
  11. Fount4inhead

    Dash "stock split"

    I think we should do this. Does it automatically change for exchanges or would they need to make their own adjustments? It would be good to be the first coin to do this also. I also think traders would see this as bullish.
  12. Fount4inhead


    No, there is simply no need for it.
  13. Fount4inhead


    Yes Japan but I would say South Korea soon to be united Korea is even more important, just got back from there are they are very creative and forward thinking. Japan is in shock over the progress of South Korea and they are afraid of the competition they pose, it's an area we need to promote to...
  14. Fount4inhead

    Dashcentral voting error

    I have verified my masternode on, it gives me the green verified text but when I vote it goes through ok but then later I get the message History: 1 yes votes on 2017-05-22 09:22. Status: completed (Error with 1 votes. Please check your privkeys!) Any ideas how to resolve this?
  15. Fount4inhead

    Moocowmoo's Magic Masternode Maker

    When you setup your second MN do you just add the config line from the wizard to the previous one in the MN.conf file?
  16. Fount4inhead

    stop dash from getting burned

    The dev team can put in a proposal for the remainder. I would like some marketing...
  17. Fount4inhead

    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    We need to market now not when "everything is ready"
  18. Fount4inhead

    ATMs South Korea?

    Unfortunately they are all Bitcoin only.
  19. Fount4inhead

    ATMs South Korea?

    Going South Korea are there any ATMs for getting some won?
  20. Fount4inhead

    Jeremy West from spendbitcoins pre pre proposal

    Browser integrated payment processing, although this is a big project.
  21. Fount4inhead

    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    Well I would like to see just straight up Google, Facebook, reddit ads campaign. I would do this on the proposal but I have no reputation people could trust in.
  22. Fount4inhead

    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    Core can do some marketing but I'd also like to see marketing more diversified via proposals.
  23. Fount4inhead

    User Incentives

    It's needs more thinking out. For a start it needs to be based on actually sales you can't just give someone an arbitrary amount they may not get any dash sales. Maybe there could be a fund setup where merchants can redeem their 10% by some sort of proof of sale. Also in this way each merchant...
  24. Fount4inhead

    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    I will agree to this, hope it's coin base but I don't think it's that good. On a side note it could be worth trying reversing the process in that we have a proposal that would secure say $100000 for exchange implementation and then let any exchange bid for some of that funding.
  25. Fount4inhead

    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    I dont agree its a problem at all, 4300 is pretty dame decentralised. I mean up until this point most of the largest corporations in the world have decisions made by a handful of people that can sit around one table. But regardless I still think that eventually anyone who wants to vote that...
  26. Fount4inhead

    How to Buy Dash in Germany?

    We need fiat to dash as a priority in every country.
  27. Fount4inhead

    Pre proposal, Dash Marketing

    We need marketing but I would prefer just straight up Google ads or reddit ads directing people to
  28. Fount4inhead

    Pre proposal for "Dash it forward", 1 million trees, education....

    5 to 10 dash a month? That's very small I would vote yes because of this because we can't really go wrong and it will give Amanda something good to report on as well as having new trees planted of course.
  29. Fount4inhead

    Why only a certain number of masternodes vote for budget proposals?

    Truth is they probably just investors that only want the return. Another reason is when people see votes are generally going in their direction anyway they feel no need to vote. And lastly many haven't got round to the process on what they need to do to vote.
  30. Fount4inhead

    Dash insurance, backup wallet and split wallet

    What would be use is a timedelay of say 30 days when a split address is used. As you say some people are not even content with giving family members access with seperate parts of a key unless they run off with it. But if there was like a 3rd key that had to sign off within a time frame or if...
  31. Fount4inhead

    HempSweet Decentralized Industrialization Alliance Proposal

    No from me, I don't want Dash to be associated with cannabis. But secondly this proposal is too complicated most won't understand what they are voting on. HempSweet will use all donated DASH to research and develop large scale xylitol from hemp production technologies. Why do I want this?
  32. Fount4inhead

    Buying That Cheap Dash

    What we need is for Dash to disconnect from simply trader sentiment and any relationship to bitcoins price. So it's price is independent of what any other coin is doing.
  33. Fount4inhead

    Dashcentral issues.

    Thanks for that will try it.
  34. Fount4inhead

    Dash Charity Fund

    What about sentinel / sporks?
  35. Fount4inhead

    Dashcentral issues.

    Hi I am having a few issues voting maybe someone can help. On dashcentral under my MN it says Status: Warning: We did not receive a remote data update since more than 15 minutes. Please check your DashCentral push script. And my votes are not going through get the error message History: 1...
  36. Fount4inhead

    Dash Charity Fund

    I am not sure of the technicality's but I was not thinking of it being centralised in anyway, although I do agree there is no reason to be hung up on that point. I thought it could work just like an extension of the current proposal system so it would be entirely decentralised charity having the...
  37. Fount4inhead

    Dash Charity Fund

    Instead of having the 5 Dash for proposals be burnt, have them added to a charity fund on the blockchain. Also if its true that the budget gets burnt if not spent have this also added to the fund. Create a separate system for charity requests to be submitted then users(evolution?)/nodes can vote...