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  1. Mahamadu Salam

    Teachers for Liberty and Economic Freedom Chapter of CLE-Ghana for Dash

    INTRODUCTION I am Mahamadu Salam (cryptolib), a Dash enthusiast and currently running the Dash Roadshow in Ghana. My first event for the Roadshow recorded about 200 participants and i am now in the first month of the roadshow to take Dash across Ghana. See updates of the roadshow here...
  2. Mahamadu Salam

    Pre-proposal: Dash Roadshow in Ghana, West Africa

    Hi community, i am Mahamadu Abdul-Salam from Ghana west Africa known as cryptolib on Dash slack forum and Telegram. i am submitting my first proposal to embark on a Dash road show in my country Ghana. Ghana is a relatively large country in west Africa with 10 regions and each region to a...