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    Earn Dash

    Earn Dash by spreading the word:
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    Weakening Currencies and Dash

    Looking at the last few DFN articles on the meetup program, it looks like Africa and Latin America are very well represented. However, countries with currencies that are currently under pressure, such as Argentina, Turkey, and Iran don't seem to be well represented in the Dash community. I'd...
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    Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) and Dash

    It seems to me anyone that likes Bitcoin Cash would love Dash. On features alone, with InstantSend and PrivateSend, Dash is clearly superior. I'm curious to hear from the community if there are there reasonable, logical people out there that prefer BCH over Dash, and if so, why. Is the FUD...
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    Response to Advertising Proposal Post

    Fernando recently posted an update to DCG's recent advertising budget here: Unfortunately, I'm unable to post a reply there, so I created the thread to allow followup discussion. Thank you Fernando for letting us know what is...
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    DCG and non-core functions

    Several MNOs, including yours truly, feel Dash may be better served by removing some non-core functions from the Dash Core Group. It stands to reason that Dash will gain finer grain control of the rapidly growing team, more transparency, and accountability, if it is handled properly. We're all...
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    DCG proposals for August cycle

    @glennaustin, please get the DCG proposals up on dashcentral asap. We have enough staff and organizational capability to have the DCG proposals be among the first submitted in each cycle. This should be standard procedure for every budget cycle.