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  1. isysd

    Dash Available Through TigoCTM in Panama
  2. isysd

    Dash Governance compared to Ethereum

    Hello fellow Dash enthusiasts. I was inspired by the recent DAO controversy to write an article that highlights Dash's governance capabilities. Please enjoy.
  3. isysd

    WTT Guild Communication Guru needed! (get paid DASH)

    Hi guys, I want to share a job application here. Since the Dash community is one of our clients, and we are paid in Dash, we like to hire Dash people and pay out likewise. I'd also like to add that I think the communication of the Dash community is impressive! Application...
  4. isysd

    Python and Javascript developers wanted ($27k in bounties)

    Hello Dash devs, You may be aware of the Dash Lamassu and Fiat Access Ramps projects, and budget items. You may even have some general idea that I, Ira Miller aka isysd, am the developer of all of this. Not usually. Not even my company. In truth, I'm more of a salesman and tester for most of...
  5. isysd

    Dash Lamassu Integration Official Thread

    Hello everyone and thank you for supporting our proposal to add Dash to Lamassu machines! As of the start of this thread, there are 520 yes and 0 no votes. For those who have not voted yet, here is the command: mnbudget vote 19fae1eedd796df4dcdb7a4254d294e0c7cc5f97120eed6db43af7f53ad23861 yes...
  6. isysd

    Best bid/ask exchange?

    I'm a bitcoin veteran but new to dash. I tried getting into it some months ago and was writing a bitfinex-dash trade bot when bitfinex dropped support. I never trusted Cryptsy, which seems to have been a good choice. What is left? Poloniex, I know. Are there any other exchanges with Dash support...