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  1. Tesquenure was deleted

    French version of Darkcoin on wikipedia just delete by Azurfrog. because : Ne répond pas aux critères d'admissibilité de Wikipédia : une crypto-monnaie parmi des tas d'autres, et bien trop récente pour qu'on ait un quelconque recul sur le sujet. Does not meet the eligibility criteria of...
  2. Tesquenure

    wikipedia Crypto-monnaie à corriger

    Salut, "Les crypto-monnaies existantes sont toutes pseudo-anonymes, bien que des ajouts tel que Zerocoin ont été suggérés, qui pourraient permettre l'anonymat" Comment peux on mettre ça à jour ? car le gars qui vas chercher l'info trouvera pas darkcoin
  3. Tesquenure

    Lister et arguments pour et contre darkcoin pour le grand publique

    Cher ami(e)s francophone, Darkcoin est à un stade ou sa présentation au grand public devient très proche à des fins d'adoption. Il serait intéressant de lister tous les a priori et tous les avantages d'utiliser Darkcoin. Exemple. Les faut problèmes ( les fausses vérités ) : 1) - La monnaie...
  4. Tesquenure search engine error search engine error Database error A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. thx
  5. Tesquenure

    MN ban or exit clearly

    Hey, 1) - does MN IP is in blockchain to the end of the world ? 2) - does its posible to stop a MN for some time and restart it later, with same IP key .... ? 3) - Does a ban ip adress if for life ? 4) - do they have a command ligne to delete an MN IP from list, like if he never existing ?
  6. Tesquenure

    2 MN in 1 VM with 2 IP

    Hi, 1) - MNs I try to find the best practice and howto for conf 2 MN on 1 VM with 2 IP. 2) - Cold wallet Can i use 1 wallet with 2 key with 1000 drk by key ?
  7. Tesquenure

    MN just list on "official ip only"

    Hi, Today, my MN just listed on "official ip only", not on sv01 to sv05. Or yesterday he was on all. What does it mean ?
  8. Tesquenure

    MN witch version

    Hi, Now tow days i download darkcoind, delete all files and do a darkcoind -reindex. All the time MN stop on block 500 or block 88XXX. "version" : 101001, "protocolversion" : 70018, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 500, "timeoffset" : 0, "connections" : 8...
  9. Tesquenure

    Noobs question of dif. from p2pool to pool

    Hi all, Sorry if this question already be answer. I try to mine on different pool and p2pool. On all Mpos pool i have from 0.03 % to 0.00% of R: On all p2pool i test, some with very great ping, i have 1,9% to 6% of R: All Mpos are very long way from me with a minimum of 300 ms of ping The best...
  10. Tesquenure

    Nvidia miner

    What about Nvidia miner. Does Dev can work on this ?
  11. Tesquenure

    killer eyes color theme

    Hi, Hard to read the forum with that theme color. White is too white. Thx