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  1. oblox

    Development Update - Oct 19, 2015

    eduffield Any chance you can give us all an update on the ongoing opposition pending trademark with Karmic? I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting closure and I think an update after six months is warranted even if it's still pending.
  2. oblox

    How to auto-send MN rewards to one wallet?

    Yep, with the donation feature gone, you have to manually send your inputs (normally through coin control).
  3. oblox

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    Quite evident in the pictures he's mining at 1GH
  4. oblox

    V12 Release

    Strange, wasn't pulling it on its own instance, the second I found it on another and went back to the problematic instance, it showed up on the masternodelist. Beats me. Will continue to monitor.
  5. oblox

    V12 Release

    Further, all of my nodes have yet to show up on dashninja (that's why I was asking if it has been working for others). Bah. EDIT: SOLVED by cache-refreshing the website.
  6. oblox

    V12 Release

    Updated to v45 on all nodes, one still will not start even with repeat stopping of the daemon and issuing start-many and start-alias from cold.
  7. oblox

    Need help...

    Apparently with the rollout of v12, it's fine right now to never see the budgets synchronize until more MN's update. As long as you are at the right blockheight matching the explorers and the hashes match, you are on the right chain and fine for sending/receiving.
  8. oblox

    V12 Release

    eduffield When you release v45 later today, can you at least keep the extracted folder structure to match the build (dash- vs just dash-0.12.0? Not sure why this was dropped from the process.
  9. oblox

    V12 Release

    Is Dashninja working? My masternodes server-side show as enabled yet none appear on the site. I know E was resyncing things but you make it sound like yours at least appear on the list whereas none of mine do. Just read there is a new protocol version. Will try.
  10. oblox

    V12 Release

    I also hang on synchronizing budgets at 93%. Been that way for over 12 hours.
  11. oblox

    V12 Release

    Same here, one for the life of me will not start.
  12. oblox

    V12 Release

    Masternode 1k inputs are now locked so it should be a non issue.
  13. oblox

    V12 Release

    So use the masternode monitor app and load the masternode addresses for your phone. It will tell you when each get paid and the current balance.
  14. oblox

    V12 Release

    Time for you to consolidate your masternodes in one wallet file to allow you to easily grab the mn payments to send to whatever address you like.
  15. oblox

    (SOLVED)Can't Send Dash

    Correct, I'm simply saying it shouldn't be because it would automatically set people up for these kinds of errors without already having mixed coins.
  16. oblox

    (SOLVED)Can't Send Dash

    Frankly, it shouldn't be checked by default because as a new user, you won't have mixed coins.
  17. oblox

    (SOLVED)Can't Send Dash

    Is the Darksend and InstantX boxes unchecked during the send tab? Is the 4 Dash comprised of a lot of dust (small txes)?
  18. oblox

    V12 Testing Thread

    Definitely do not allow overbudgeting. If the day's ideal target is 576 blocks, then the current reward for proposals should be the 10% and scale accordingly.
  19. oblox

    WTS WTS - My Account Sr. Member. Activity 322 (Bitcoin talk)

    lol, no, the BTC equiv.
  20. oblox

    Did a new DarkCoin (Not DASH) get announced on BTCtalk?

    I'm not entirely sure you can say it was a "knee-jerk half-assed brand change" as it was happening behind the scenes for months. Maybe half-assed in the sense that Evan's slip with the github repo resulted in it spilling early but it is what it is. If the foundation secures the brand then they...
  21. oblox

    Did a new DarkCoin (Not DASH) get announced on BTCtalk?

    How do you figure they are using the same blockchain as Dash... this is Fudcoin rebranded last I checked which is a sha256 coin with its own existing blockchain. Further, securing the name as a trademark could mean the foundation could target the exchanges with a C&D order. Without exchanges...
  22. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    There is no way to even out masternode payment values since the block rewards are based on difficulty. It's based on frequency since last block paid.
  23. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    Yes, protocol update so need to start from local.
  24. oblox

    "The Most Advanced Investment Platform" - Double Your DASH in 200 Hours (1% Interest Per hour)

    Referral + ponzi, fantastic. Surprised people continue to part with their coins for something that always ends the same way.
  25. oblox

    Mining frame question

    The aluminum frames are quite common for mining rigs, however, if they are designed appropriately, there is no chance of shorting or grounding out the GPUs.
  26. oblox

    dashd getbalance.
  27. oblox

    v0.11.2.x Testing

    I personally think it would look better remaining blue but then the word DASH, black like the rest.
  28. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    Hard to really say anymore... with the masternode donations, one could "donate" all their earnings to any address they want, including their own.
  29. oblox

    Any thoughts on CRAVE?

    The issue with POS is the nothing-at-stake attack.
  30. oblox

    user masternode

    masternode is Edward Moncada and he's on here. Second part, no idea.
  31. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    I've had instances like that but it was more cosmetic that later corrected itself on E's website.
  32. oblox

    no MN payments

    Enforcement also needs to be on the entire duration to make sure things even out. It hasn't:
  33. oblox

    Wallet too big?

    Point being, even if you sent a non-ds tx from the new address you sent all your ds coins from, it's still private unless you've disclosed that as your address. It would show up in the blockchain like a normal, non-anon tx, but for all intensive purposes, that address just links to a ton of ds...
  34. oblox

    Wallet too big?

    If you DS your coins initially and sent them to a fresh address belonging to you, there is still no way to causally link you to your previous addresses since prior to that tx, it's all DS inputs.
  35. oblox

    MN Losing connection in 90min

    I can't speak for the winner list being ahead, but payments on average will take roughly the masternode count divided by 576 (target blocks per day). At the moment, I am seeing 2098 masternodes so expect payment (assuming enforcement is on and your node is active the whole time [you do have...
  36. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    That's actually an interesting idea for using the voting system although it's simply a yes or no vote right now with no context as to what the votes are for. Not sure how you would specify what you are voting on, but interesting nonetheless.
  37. oblox

    dash-wallet froze processing At least if they are scamming, they didn't do private registration although who knows whether the info is accurate.
  38. oblox

    dash-wallet froze processing

    Pretty sure there isn't an online web wallet and you were scammed.
  39. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

  40. oblox

    11.2 - Dash Release

    Don't be a twat.