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  1. JV.Darkroom

    Dash In-Flight Media Campaign

    **Reposted here from original proposal forum thread Hey everyone! We want to thank you for your support on our most recent proposal. It has passed for the month of January, and per our proposal we have secured the ad spot for March of 2018 for JetBlue, American Airlines, and United Airlines...
  2. JV.Darkroom

    In-Flight Media Campaign Update

    Hey everyone, We wanted to give you all an official update on our Airline In-Flight Media Campaign. October marked the first month of the Dash ad airing, and it aired on United Airlines and Virgin America Airlines. There have already been tweets and reddit posts regarding seeing the Dash ad...
  3. JV.Darkroom

    Bounty for Airline In-Flight Media Campaign!

    Hello Everyone! As you may already know, October marks the first month that our In-Flight Media Campaign airs! During the month of October the “What is Dash” video will be airing on Virgin America and United Airlines. If you happen to be flying, we will be awarding $100 USD worth of Dash to the...