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  1. Proteus

    If you had a 10GB fiber line with unlimited usage how would you monetize it?

    This is something I've been going over the last few days and I was curious to see what ideas people come up with :) How would you turn your tech savvy and unlimited usage of the fastest connection in the world into a monthly income? Hosting? VPS? Cloud Computing? Discuss!
  2. Proteus

    Review my Dash write up

    Did a write up on medium. I'll also send this to a few of the crypto news sites etc If anyone wants to go ahead and scrutinize for errors here's the non-published link: I plan on publishing in an hour or two Thanks :)
  3. Proteus

    Miami conference tickets

    Any chance that anyone has discount/extra tickets for sale or am I really going to be forced to pay full price for this thing? My wife is press (photog w/ press pass) and can guarantee coverage for the event if that helps (which I'm having her do regardless)
  4. Proteus

    Is Ybcoin just a DASH clone/rip off?

    All I can gather from shitty chinese translations on google is that the coin has a masternode system that requires you to have 1000 total and provides instant confirmations... dafuq? How strong currently is our asian/chinese presence? Wouldn't be a bad idea to throw some of the budget to...
  5. Proteus

    DASH/BTC on Openledger decentralized exchange

    I put this in IRC but think I have it mostly figured out. So the decentralized exchange openledger is out on the bitshares platform. I'm using the software/wallet but it's also accessible via browser @ I deposited some dash and btc from the deposit/withdrawal...
  6. Proteus

    At this point one has to acknowledge that buying DASH is throwing money away.

    At this point it would be foolish of me to think that I am doing anything but throwing my money away by purchasing DASH. I've spent around 5k in the last week alone attempting to protect my existing holdings by reinforcing walls on poloniex. I did this previously on cryptsy. Considering I've...
  7. Proteus

    Abolish Darksend & Save Dash

    I think that this community definitely understands the power of a name and the power of perception. So I can only imagine that this has been addressed before (probably around the time of changing names). Darksend is an amazing feature and natural progression in this technology and...