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  1. andrade92

    Dash Merchant Venezuela - NEW LEADERSHIP

    Dear Dash community, We are raising a crowdfunding for our april's expenses our goal is to get 25 DASH. Here is a 2 pages document, I encourage you to read it and give us your feedback and support! We believe in the amazing solutions Dash is providing in Venezuela, and we are proud to be at...
  2. andrade92

    Dash Merchant Venezuela - NEW LEADERSHIP

    Dear Dash Community, weare pleased to introduced you the new proposal for Dash Merchant Venezuela. We are still the N°1 project in the world in terms of dash adoption as a payment method. We created the first merchant network for Dash in Venezuela; now, the project is taking a new leadership...
  3. andrade92


    Great proposal! As one of our mayor cities, we need Dash gets stablished in Maracay. As part of the Venezuela team from Dash Merchant we can work together so Maracay can become a Dash city. Best of luck!
  4. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: DASH MERCHANT VENEZUELA - MASSIVE ADOPTION PROGRAM (2000 merchants in 3 months)

    Thank you very much solarguy! We have clear what is our strategy and we will do our best to make it happen! Thanks again for your support
  5. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: “The Territory of DASH. Part 2.”

    Great work my friend! Keep up with that good work
  6. andrade92

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Edwar, great initiative
  7. andrade92

    Dash Embassy D-A-CH Q1/2018 - Update Feb

    Great my friend! Keep going
  8. andrade92

    Develop an alternative to CoinMarketCap, but with more features, and Dash as the sole sponsor.

    That's a great idea since CMC has the monopoly and there should be another beacuse CMC is mostly outdated.
  9. andrade92

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    Ok I Ok I get it. That's a really good idea, if you manage to gain the MNO's trust you will succeed. Best of luck
  10. andrade92

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    Hello. Correct me if i'm wrong, bassically DashRemix votes based in MNO's interests?
  11. andrade92


    Anytime my friend
  12. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    Ok. Then maybe it would be better if as your proposal you put the "Go Big or Go Home" sponsorship, because if i'm not wrong, the proposal has to be for one because the MNO's vote for the entire proposal.
  13. andrade92

    Dash is now worth 3% of Bitcoin. Latest update was in Feb 2017. How can we make Evolution faster?

    It's an uncertain market, i've read opinios that it's too late to impact the price, but if it is innovative with innovation comes revolution and that eventually has marketing affection. So if it is so good as it is supposed to, it should make the price higher.
  14. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    Hello my friend. It's a really good idea. Just a question: The pre-proposal is for uno of three sponsorship packages? If so wich one are you proposing.
  15. andrade92

    ALL ABOUT DASH *Update*_01

    Great video my friend. Nice start
  16. andrade92


    Just looking over the top, i see that incentive of $70 per business you could bring it down to 40-50, so you could save some money. Also consider reviewing your giveaway and publicity prices (if that's the price ok)
  17. andrade92


    Yes I agree it is a little expensive. In my opinion, this is a project that should be funded but wait until a decent feedback traffic to analize differents opinions. Good Luck
  18. andrade92

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    Here to help. Any doubt i know all venezuelans here can give its opinion.
  19. andrade92

    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Hello. I'm from Venezuela and i'm aware of Cucuta's migration problem. Overall the concept is great due the large amount of venezuelans crossing the border through Cucuta. How are you planning on giving classes (in terms of logistic)? because it's very likely once it spreads, the attendance will...
  20. andrade92

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    As it has been said before, for venezuelans any $ counts, and it wouldn't be rare at all that the traffic grows exponentially. Be preparing for that possibility. Cheers.
  21. andrade92

    Bringing Dash to the Poker World - Updates

    Great idea! Have you consider integrating online poker?
  22. andrade92

    Getfreedash for Nigeria, Kenya , India and others at $2 per user, looking for partners to join me

    Hi. Don't know if you have done this already, but maybe considering a special campaing for Venezuela could be a benefit. There is a lot of people searching a way to earn a few extra $ due to the situation we are living. Cheers :)
  23. andrade92

    Chant Pre-Proposal

    Hello! One suggestion, even so you put the link of the budget maybe you should make it more visible. It doesn't has to be the whole budget only something general and then you redirect to the link but something to show at first it's important, because it is quite an amount. Also, it is something...
  24. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Youth Venezuela - Lectures about DASH in Schools and Universities of Caracas.

    Just a thought, have you consider school and universities Dash adoption in your lectures?
  25. andrade92

    Pre-proposal: AgroCognitive - An ultimate solution to bring Dash to the fields (First month)

    I agree with @AlejandroE maybe you should make more visible to the community the specific benefits for Dash. Going to the roots of the food industry is ambitious and have to show a really great impact for the MNO's. However, it is an interesting project, there is a lot of potential in the food...
  26. andrade92

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    Great proposal. Maybe something to consider is Evolution, because you'd be advertising something that will look different in the future so maybe considering this or just introducing that Dash will be different, it might prepare your project in a future scale (i think something like that was said...
  27. andrade92

    DASH Venezuela

    Great! Congrats. Hope to get more involved with you and share some ideas. Regards
  28. andrade92

    DASH Airdrop for Panda.Exchange Users and Activating the payment processor

    Hi vakano, I'm Alejandro Andrade. I'm working in a project for a Dash adoption in Venezuela, maybe we can work together once we release the project. I've been receiving support from Dash Help and soon I'll post the pre-proposal. Check it out and see if we can work together in the future. I...
  29. andrade92

    Continued Support for the project

    This could be supported on a formal invitation from Dash CCS
  30. andrade92

    Continued Support for the project

    Yes there are a lot of problems for US passports but you could apply to a temporary visa claiming you are coming for a conference. Just an idea.
  31. andrade92

    Dash Mobile Apps

    Hello. It would be nice if we can integrate with merchants as a payment option. I'm currently working in an adoption program project for merchants. Wait for the pre-proposal :)
  32. andrade92

    Continued Support for the project

    Yes. It would be nice if you could join us for the Dash conferences in Venezuela.
  33. andrade92

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello, I'm Alejandro Andrade from Caracas, Venezuela. Glad to be part of the community