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  1. oaxaca

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Storefront in Miami and LA

    These 2 stores (and the naming rights such as they are) are probably available for cheap. "The Kardashians are closing up shop. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have decided to shut down their two remaining DASH fashion boutiques in Miami Beach and Los Angeles nearly 12 years after the...
  2. oaxaca

    Decision Time

    OK masternode owners. It's time to step up. There are 2,600 Dash UNALLOCATED in the current budget cycle. It's time to approve the HempSweet proposal. For the very few who voted NO, it's time to switch your vote to YES. For the overwhelming majority who have not voted yet, vote YES. Do you...
  3. oaxaca

    Who Wants Pizza?

    To quote from Animal House: "I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!" Over at the slack, there was much discussion of the sudden price rise. One thing led to another and now we have the following budget proposal. Free...
  4. oaxaca

    Pre Proposal Discussion: Dash Sponsored Adult RPG

    Now is the time to strike! Admiral Ackabur has promised me that if the Dash community kicks in 100 Dash, he will add several hours of Dash-centric game play to his upcoming release. Enough of proposals that never deliver, let's get behind this one.
  5. oaxaca

    Anybody need cheap hosting?

    $36 USD per year for 2 masternode VPSes is a pretty good deal. 2GB should be plenty to run 12.1 for a while. Disclaimer - I have no connection to them whatsoever, just happened to come across this offer. @babygiraffe Ever heard of these guys with a Phoenix data center...
  6. oaxaca

    New Budgeting System manager/employer/employee discussion

    OK, On the latest Dash Round Table podcast, Evan introduced some ideas that will be included in the new budgeting system. This thread is for discussion of these ideas. I would like to start by asking if any devs would like to help us understand the basic idea and any deep down specifics as to...
  7. oaxaca

    Dynamically Allocated Budgeting

    Why should masternode owners be forced to choose between 2 worthwhile projects because there is a magic number of DASH available in the budget system? Shouldn't each project stand on it's own merits? Shouldn't the masternode owners themselves decide what this number should be? The magic...
  8. oaxaca

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Jury Duty

    Pre-Proposal Discussion - Jury Duty Civilized societies have been calling groups of people together to discuss issues as long as there have been societies. In Scandinavia this process was called a "thing". This was the governing assembly made up of the free people of the community. In the...
  9. oaxaca

    Reimbursement Proposal for the Dash N Drink Instantx Miami Demo

    Reimbursement Proposal for the Dash N Drink Instantx Miami Demo.The team Put in an original proposal to cover the costs of this project. We later resubmitted for a lower amount to expedite payment. There were significant costs associated with designing, building, transporting, and...
  10. oaxaca

    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    Time to support independent creative projects. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: The Instantx Soda Machine! The plan is cunning and clever. We give away paper wallets to BTC Miami attendees with enough DASH to cover the price of a soda with some left over to keep. They load it into...
  11. oaxaca

    Evolution - Automatic Instant Transactions Discussion

    Since the introduction of InstantX , Dash has established itself as the fastest cryptocurrency on the market. However, in the current system (v12) this service has to be requested in the wallet. This will no longer be necessary, as this latest implementation of Dash will provide an automatic...
  12. oaxaca

    Evolution - Decentralized Network Administration Discussion

    The Dash Network is run by a decentralized administration workforce, known as the Masternode network. This is a decentralized P2P network comprised of thousands of people that together can administer the network, remove threats, deal with attacks and reduce the load and strain on the network by...
  13. oaxaca

    Evolution - Social Wallet Discussion

    Users will have a username and password which they use to access the network. The username will be reserved by using features of DashDrive and the password (812 words) will be used to create an HD wallet. A primary key will be pulled from this HD wallet, which is used to retrieve information...
  14. oaxaca

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    Each member of the second tier will be required to have a specific amount of storage space in order to power the DashDrive filesystem. By sharding the storage via the collateral transaction hash, we can define 1024 different shared storage devices on the network. We use 1024 because, we can...
  15. oaxaca

    Budget Proposal: Our Own P2P exchange

    The details are here: Let's go through all of our contact lists and find somebody...
  16. oaxaca

    New Budget Proposal - Birthday gift for Evan

    Perfect use of blockchain funds. We offer 110% of the high bid to the new owner.
  17. oaxaca

    vanillacoin discussion

    Anybody see this one? "While we appreciate theInstantX[3] technology it suffers several major weaknesses..."
  18. oaxaca

    We're building an internet that protects privacy, starting with email Anybody want to reach out to them? Somebody in Switzerland perhaps?
  19. oaxaca

    ...perform in-depth investigations across the Bitcoin blockchain... Coinalytics Jarvis is a visual and analytical workspace to perform in-depth investigations across the Bitcoin blockchain. Built on top of the Coinalytics back-end, the user interface allows you to visually interact with an enriched version of the blockchain and...
  20. oaxaca

    Quorum Based Masternode Payment System - scenarios

    OK, Let's assume that the system consists of 20 masternodes. Is the node chosen for payment amongst these the "node with longest time since last payment"? Yea or Nay? ---------------------------- If one of these nodes drops out of the system for a few cycles and reappears, would it get...
  21. oaxaca

    Debian Packaging

    I asked the development team of Tails to add DASH to their core suite. This was their answer: ---------------------------------------- Hi! Thanks for your proposition, but I looked at it, and their wallet isn't packaged for Debian so we won't include it anytime soon. See...
  22. oaxaca

    Forget the Pi, check this out

    Coolest masternode ever?
  23. oaxaca

    cuda error in func 'x11_sind512_cpu_init' at line 641 : invalid texture reference.

    Hi folks, Figured I'd try to mine on my new GPU. nVidia 740. Installed cuda 7 and got this error: "cuda error in func 'x11_sind512_cpu_init' at line 641 : invalid texture reference."
  24. oaxaca

    Ubuntu Phone Is there anybody in Europe brave enough to see if the Linux wallet will work on this platform?
  25. oaxaca

    Let's take over a country!

    Liberland is the newest country on earth and they don't yet have a currency. How cool would it be to have DASH as an official currency. Liberland is currently accepting applications for citizenship: Who's in?
  26. oaxaca

    Bounty for De-anonomizing a transaction?

    Is there currently a public bounty posted for anyone to de-dashsend a tx. It would make a great PR event. I'd contribute to the fund. If not can we arrange one?
  27. oaxaca

    Is anybody attending the MIT Bitcoin Expo this weekend? If anybody is in Boston this weekend, I need a favor. Andreas Antonopoulos will speak according to the website. Can somebody ask him "given your passion for privacy, what's your opinion of Darkcoin?" while the cameras are rolling? I'd do it, but I'm 3,000 miles away.
  28. oaxaca

    Evan interviewed on Estonian TV

  29. oaxaca

    A better hot/cold setup?

    A modest proposal. What about adding a parameter in the masternode darkcoin.conf to specify the 1000 coin address? lockedcoinaddr=Xc8u...hT When the masternode daemon starts, it can verify the 1000DRK and auto-start the masternode without the "cold wallet" telling it to.
  30. oaxaca

    Masternode blacklist?

    During the flurry of .14 - .16 updates, I had a masternode go inactive. I have taken the following steps. 1 - Updated both remote server and local client to .16 2 - Create new wallet and sent 1000DRK 3 - Update remote and local .conf with new genkey 4 - Restarted remote darkcoind and waited...