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  1. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Budget allocation question!

    just some curiosity, how do those funds "are not created"? if the superblock says the reward is going to be X amount, how does the amount is lower than that?
  2. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Budget allocation question!

    What do yo mean with *created*?
  3. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Budget allocation question!

    Yes. if a proposal passes the voting round but the funds are not sufficient, it won't get the funding. but if there are also another "smaller" proposals (Asking less funding) that pass the voting round, they would receive funding.
  4. Gabriel Mitacchione

    How will Libra affect other Cryptocurrencies?

    Yes, probably is not the best example because it is a Centralized ShitCoin but in Venezuela the "Petro" Cryptocurrency was the open gate for the people to start learning about Crypto because it became legal the fact of Using, promoting or paying with all Cryptos. The government just works as...
  5. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Dash Mall & Parking interview by Dash Brazil / Rodrigo (in english)

    Great team! Great interview! This is one of the teams that makes the Dash Community in Venezuela Grow fast! With Them spreading through Cabimas (Zulia State) and Merida (Merida State), there are at least 10 of Venezuela states and 11 big cities covered by the Dash Revolution! The work done...
  6. Gabriel Mitacchione

    The Litecoin codebase was not responsible for the Dash "instamine". There was another reason.

    Won't miss it! already put a reminder alarm! Interesting info to clarify any doubts that people can come up with.
  7. Gabriel Mitacchione

    What Dash App do you use?

    Dash Android Wallet, Dash Electrum on Desktop, Exodus on desktop, Coinomi, trust and bitnovo on Android!
  8. Gabriel Mitacchione

    eToro and The TIE Introduce Crypto Portfolio With Dash Comprising Largest Position

    The Dash Community in social networks is the most active Community!!! Let people Talk good or bad about Dash! in the end it does not matter because they're talking about Dash! Let them be jelous of our Adoption network!
  9. Gabriel Mitacchione

    How will Libra affect other Cryptocurrencies?

    Well Libra is losing lots of it's project associates like paypal, visa, mastercard or mercadopago which are projects dedicated to payment methods so i think THAT specifically makes it lose lot of value. They Still got lots of endorsement partners (Important ones) like Vodafone or spotify of...
  10. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    I actually like what services like crowdnode offer i think it brings value to the Dash DAO to keep it more decentralized. I hope the amount of people using it increases on time because right now those votes do not have the impact to change things. A new class of node would be an interesting...
  11. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    I get that. probably have lived the experience too with Dash Latam. my point is that being a MNO and not voting means not being responsible. When you get a MN you get a bunch of benefits like the ROI but you also get responsability "looking for the Dash Network projects that will increase...
  12. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Dash Vs Paypal

    Paypal sometimes asks where does your money come from? or to what activity it is related so... is like a f$%&ing bank. and also ask for too many information... Dash is just the future of payments.
  13. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Magento Extensions
  14. Gabriel Mitacchione

    BitMart Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash With InstantSend Support

    Great news @Mark Mason! More Liquidity = More Adoption!
  15. Gabriel Mitacchione

    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    Excellent post. Very complete information for someone looking to throw he's first proposal!
  16. Gabriel Mitacchione

    The situation in Japan

    Really interesting Stuff! Japan got high potential for Crypto economy being developed. An Interest Region for sure to be onboarded by Dash!
  17. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    My main concern is that there almost 5000 MNO and the voting MNOs are so little... that doesn't really represent the interest of the network then, just the interest of a small portion. it is easy to turn a vote into a corrupt vote.
  18. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    I think that could work. Either way i think that the voting has nothing to do with the HR managing. DCG board positions are not positions to be elected. that world turn DCG into the Head of our decentralized organization, so it would not be so decentralized. That in theory would turn Ryan...
  19. Gabriel Mitacchione

    DashPay will be built into the existing native mobile wallets on Android and iOS.

    What about a Dapp or Game on the Dash Platform that has an educative purpose? something like Duolingo App. The application has X amount of levels that you gotta get through answering the correct answers. Yes. A quiz/trivia game (starting with easy questions until reaching a legendary level) so...
  20. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    Yes sure i understand. The thing is that the MNO Shouldn't have a say in DFOs management. That proposal doesn't make any sense right? a NO vote for that proposal means that the Proposal owner won't get the 10 Dash of funding. Even if that proposal gets a massive NO voting Fernando will keep...
  21. Gabriel Mitacchione

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    I got a doubt about this idea! but sounds interesting. if the NO vote is always considered as the MNOs did not speak or act. How can you know when the MNOs are voting NO because they do not agree with the proposal or proposal owner?
  22. Gabriel Mitacchione

    ***Attention: Pre-Proposals Moved to Dash Nexus***

    Hello guys! @jeffh and @yuribear! I got some questions about the shift between pre-proposals and Concepts. Can i still publish a pre-proposal in the forum to get reviews from people in the community that do not use Dash Nexus? How do i have guarantee that my idea is not being developed by...
  23. Gabriel Mitacchione

    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    Hello there! I'm not new in the Dash Community but this is my first time writing in the blog! My name is Gabriel Mitacchione, I'm Venezuelan, 28 YO, I'm a Materials Engineer graduate from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. I'm a former member and business consultant dedicated to...
  24. Gabriel Mitacchione

    Venezuelan based in Spain - Engineer - MBA Undergrad - Former Dash Merchant Venezuela - Dash...

    Venezuelan based in Spain - Engineer - MBA Undergrad - Former Dash Merchant Venezuela - Dash Latam Madrid Project Leader - Addicted to Dash