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  1. Slim

    Can someone tell me whats wrong with this pool?

    Hey, i just constructed a drk mining pool. The stratum is running, mpos is set, darkcoind is running. but when i start mining with a worker, the pool doesnt accept any of my shares. i was thinking that there might be a problem with my mining hardware. so can anyone of you try mining on my pool...
  2. Slim

    Need Help In Using the dstorms p2pool-drk

    I was trying to set up a pool. I was taking help from here :- , i know this tutorial contains many errors but i have managed to use it. . I have done the 'make' thing, i have done evrything but i am...
  3. Slim

    Lets Make Our Own Mining Pool

    Wouldnt it be nice if you could own a pool?? I am a developer and will develop a drk mining pool so I am in a need of an investor who can provide me with a good VPS hosting service and a good domain name so that we can start up a dark mining pool. I do not want any donations in the form of any...
  4. Slim

    Need Help For Setting Up An DarkCoin Only Exchange

    I need help of the community in setting up a DRk exchange somewhat like the where i will provide a platform to sell your dark locally or online through bank transfers or online money transfers. This will help the popularization of the dark. There are many people specially...
  5. Slim


    Isnt there any way by which we can include drk as a currency on silkroad. it might prove out to be beneficial for drk
  6. Slim

    India Subsection

    Hey I had a suggestion. You should add an "India" board in the localisation section. There isnt any crypto that dominates india, and dark is something that can give competition to all other crptos and if dark becomes a success in India, this would lead to "The Rise Of The Dark". And yes i want...