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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tante Stefana, Masternode Owner

    Tante Stefana already had herself cartoonized. Read her full article here:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Boxmining, Dash Force China

    Another Dasher has been cartoonized: Read full article here:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Splawik21, Masternode Hosting and Shares

    Another Dasher has been cartoonized: Q: How and when did you find Dash? A: I’m the kind of person who is open to new opportunities and for years I was looking for a better solution to life other than “normal” work. Read the full article about @splawik21 here...
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Dash.Red, Exuberant Masternode Owner

    Dash.Red gives some really good insight about why he chose Dash to invest in: Plus, did you know that Dash.Red has something planned for Dash in the future?
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: TroyDash, Peacemaker and Masternode Owner

    Continuing with the PEOPLE OF DASH theme, @TroyDASH brings some great insights into Dash. I have long noticed the ability of TroyDASH to bring people together, and I think he's one of Dash Nation's greatest strengths. To read the full interview go here...
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    FYI: Updates

    I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation from July 9-20, so I'll be mostly offline during this time. Therefore, 'll be extending my proposal into August, continuing to write for Hackernoon and building up the Dash For Newbies Publication during that time. There's another...
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Candice (@subspaced) Community Liaison

    Meet a very enthusiastic Dash Community Liaison, Candice:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tao, Founder of Dash Nation

    Find out how the cartoonedTao of Satoshi found Dash in the very beginning:
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    Ledger Nano S: Best Hardware Wallet for Europeans

    @Aniinl wrote a very thorough review of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet so check it out: I'm constantly scouring Medium for Dash-related articles, so if you want yours to appear in...
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Joshua, Evolution Front End Developer

    Meet one of the programming brains behind the highly anticipated Evolution project, Joshua. Joshua has great insights into Dash. Learn why he originally got involved with Dash in the very beginning. Here's the full article...
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tante Stefana, Masternode Owner

    A new series focuses on the people of the Dash community and shows the different perspectives and diversity of our growing global tribe. Here's the full article: Tante Stefana has some very astute...
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    New Hackernoon Article: How To Make Money in a DAO

    As part of my doubling down writing efforts, which are now more focused on contributing my Dash articles to Hackernoon, due to the large readership of 125,000 and growing rapidly, here's my latest article that provides constructive advice to those who are interested in contributing to the Dash...
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    Interview With Amanda About The Success of #FirstDashWallet Campaign

    I had the opportunity to ask Amanda B. Johnson of Dash what her thoughts were about the overwhelming success of Dash’s very first big social media campaign called #FirstDashWallet. I followed this campaign very closely and I too, was surprised by how viral it became in such a short amount of...
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    My New Dash Article Is On Front Page of Hacker Noon

    My latest article, titled, 5 Reasons I Switched From Bitcoin to Dash is on the front page of Hacker Noon right now. In case you were wondering how big the Hacker Noon site is: "EDWARDS, COLORADO (PRWEB) MAY 25, 2017 Hacker Noon, how hackers start their afternoons, now ranks 8,892th amongst...
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    South Korean Government Friendly Towards Bitcoin Creates New Global Dominance

    New article out explores how a South Korean exchange had biggest Dash trading volume today! Korea overtakes Steemit too, as more people are from Seoul, Korea than any other city...
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    New Dash For Newbies Article About Crypto Lending by Anja

    Anja wrote a really detailed post about why and how she lends her crypto to make money. Read it here:
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    Every Sunday On Dash For Newbies Facebook Page Is Find Dash Logo Cash Giveaway

    Every Sunday on our Dash For Newbies Facebook Page you have the chance to win some free Dash if you are the first one to find the Dash logo in a photo. Here's a recent example from yesterday. Can you find the Dash logo in the image below? I've been doing this for several weeks now. These...
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    Dash Blockchain Funds A Circus: Interview With Edward Rapley

    New Dash For Newbies Medium Publication has an in-depth interview with Edward Rapley, the performer and director who brought Dash and Circus City together. Learn how many similarities circus performers and cryptocurrencies have...
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    Stellabelle Gets Shoutout and Described As "Moment of Zen" in Bitcoin Uncensored

    I was sort of amused to discover that the hosts of Bitcoin Uncensored had given me a shoutout, and featured my Dash For Newbies video within their show. They also gave me the title of "moment of zen." This was hilarious to see. I show up around minute: 12:23 of the video:
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    Reminder: Earn $20 #FirstDashWallet Campaign

    Just a reminder that you can earn $10 for you and $10 for your friend when you help install their first Dash wallet, in Amanda's new campaign: Cheers!
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    New DFN article: My Mom Might Be The Oldest American Woman To Own Cryptocurrency

    New article describes how my mom decided to buy $500 worth of Dash recently. She could be the oldest American woman to own crypto: Please comment below if you know of any other 78...
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    Dash For Newbies on Every Sunday: Win Dash If You're First To Find Hidden Dash Logo

    Every Sunday on our Dash For Newbies Facebook Page, is your chance to win some Dash if you're the first one to find the hidden Dash logo in a photo. I give away around $15 worth of Dash, so keep on the lookout. Here's a video that explains a little more about this: Come join us on Facebook...
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    New Dash Ad Featuring my 78 year-old mom

    This is really not a Dash advertisement, more of a true story.... My mom finally caved in and bought some Dash, because she was getting tired of hearing about how my Dash investment is growing exponentially. Here it is:
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    Meet the Creator of the Women Of DASH Slack Channel

    Anja created this channel in Dash Nation and find out how she first got involved in crypto: Let me know if the link works since I'm using my phone...
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    New Dash For Newbies Article: Crypto...WHAT by @Anja

    There are lots of new writers that I have been searching for in the Dash For Newbies Medium publication and here's a good one by @Anja: Crypto...WHAT? These kind of articles are good to share with your friends and family who still don't understand DASH...
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    STATS On Traffic For Dash For Newbies Publication + Updates

    So, many of you may be wondering what effect having the recent Dash Art Contest had on our Medium publication web traffic. The graph below shows why having contests is central to engagement: Also, here are the stats for the stories, with the most viewed articles at the top: And finally...
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    How To Introduce Crypto To The Uninitiated

    Another guest article has just been added to DASH For Newbies and this is a great article for all of us! When explaining DASH to newbies, try to avoid using too many high level words, like decentralized, blockchain, etc. When people hear too many unfamiliar words in one sentence, they blank out...
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    New Guest Article: Hardware Wallets, The Future of Wearables

    Dash For Newbies Medium publication is expanding with new guest writers. A couple of articles that are really fascinating have just been added. This one combines the idea of hardware wallets with wearables, and the entrepreneurial ideas are definitely spinning around on this one. Check out this...
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    Before Dash Decides on a Commercial, Meet Ryan Gill, Who Works For LA-Based Vol.4

    I see that the TV commercial and marketing are already going, which is great. I do wonder what the overall strategy is though. Does anyone know what the look and feel of the marketing plan is? I am also curious who the art director will be for such marketing and what the overall strategy is. If...
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    Congratulations to Winners of Art Contest: Ruth, @thedashbunny, @comicbew, @Anadeleon, @CyberGlob

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE DASH ART CONTEST! I’m happy to announce the winners of the #DashForNewbies art contest! I think it’s the very first art contest sponsored by Thanks to Amanda B. Johnson who also helped pick out the winning art submissions. The amount and quality...
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    Take A Look At The Final Art Submissions: Winners Announced Later Today

    Here are the final art submissions for the Dash For Newbies art contest. I have not counted them all, but I know there are over 100. Here's one that was just submitted late last night on Twitter. It's adorable, eh? To see the remaining art submissions, go here...
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    Meet Cheryl, Another Dash Fan And New Contributor To Medium Publication

    I met Cheryl in the Dash Slack and she, like me found Dash because we were searching for new digital currency communities. We saw adults in Dash, so we stayed. She has just written a splendid article about her feelings about Yours, Dash and more. Check it out: Here you go...
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    First Video That Announces Dash Art Contest

    Here's the first video that announces all the Dash Art contest details: There's still time to share this to your social media profiles!
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    Dash For Newbies Video w/ Updates on Art Show

    Here's the latest video that covers the latest art submissions for the Dash Art Contest on social media:
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    UPDATES: I'm Doubling The Dash Given Away For Dash Art Contest: 85+ Submissions So Far!

    So yesterday, I posted about the Dash Art Contest on Steemit, to generate more money to give away to the Honorable Mention category. So far I've raised about an extra $50 from Steemit. It takes 7 days for the amount to accrue, and downvotes could occur, but I'll just donate that $50 anyway...
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    Dash For Newbies Publication Now Has More Subscribers Than Yours Network

    I was looking at the number of subscribers today for Dash For Newbies, and I happened to notice that in a few short months, there are 321 subscribers as of today. This is pretty good considering it has only been a few months! By chance, I checked out the number of subscribers that Yours...
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    New Hackernoon Article: No One Wants To Go To A Party Where Hostile Nerds Are Fighting

    New article I just wrote appears on the front page of Hackernoon! It's always good when the Hackernoon editor accepts my articles into Hackernoon because they have around 109,000 followers. Here's the latest one where I describe why I decided to go with Dash instead of Bitcoin...
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    Dash Art Contest Update: You Have 5 More Days!

    You have 5 days to submit your Dash art for the contest so what are you waiting for? Here's a good one that was just submitted: Check out some of the latest submissions, some of which will blow you away...
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    Money Is Just Stored Energy: New Article in Hackernoon

    New article appears in Hackernoon about my thoughts about the connection between money and energy:
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    Thank you to all who have donated so far!

    GrandMaster suggested that I give out a Dash address so that masternode owners and others in the Dash community could donate extra money to the winners of the Art Contest. Thanks to the people who have donated so far. I really appreciate it. So far .35 Dash has been donated so I'll create an...