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  1. eltito

    Official-looking email scam, beware

    Hi everyone, I just received an official-ish looking email appearing to be from "[email protected]" Edit: Propulsion has looked into this - the source that the scammer is using is not User data is secure on this site. The scammer probably picked up user data from another...
  2. eltito

    RC4 Updates

    Hello everyone, We're a few days into RC4 and things are going relatively well for an update of this size and scope. A few bugs have turned up and they are being dealt with in turn. Please be aware that these affect local wallets only and not the underlying structure of Darksend or Darkcoin...
  3. eltito

    Organizations Soliciting Donations

    It's been brought to our attention that someone named r-ando on the bitcointalk forum is soliciting donations for the "World Darkcoin Foundation" . Please be aware that r-ando and the World Darkcoin Foundation are not affiliated in any way with Darkcoin, Evan, or the development team. We have...
  4. eltito

    Wallet v9.11.6 (stable) and 10.11.6 (RC) available for download

    Please update at your first convenience. Note that this is an incremental and bug fix update, not the RC4 wallet. Binaries: Source: Linux 32 and Mac OS X are now officially supported platforms! Release Notes:
  5. eltito

    Official block explorer

    The official block explorer is back up and running: Additionally, it is now mirrored here: In order to free up time for Evan, Flare is now maintaining the official explorer. Please direct inquiries either to him or me...
  6. eltito

    Status Update 7/1/2014

    In the interest of improving communication with the Darkcoin community, we’ve created a new ‘Announcements’ sub-forum at Though permissions to create threads on this sub-forum will be limited to certain key members, anyone is welcome to comment and offer their feedback...