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  1. vertoe

    WTS domain

    any offers pm
  2. vertoe

    [2015-03-09] Spiegel: Parallelwährung: Bitcoins für Griechenland

    TL;DR Viele Ökonomen tun Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin als Unsinn ab - und liegen damit falsch. Wenn die aktuelle Krise sich weiter zuspitzt, könnte eine digitale Währung noch sehr wichtig werden - für Griechenland und für den Rest der Eurozone...
  3. vertoe

    Modern Multichain Explorer including DRK & tDRK enjoy
  4. vertoe

    Darkcoin Blockchain Web-API

    The block explorer offers an nice web API, check it out. Explorer: API documentation: Example: Last 5 blocks Example: My donation address ;)...
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    Damn No. 4

    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin ... everywhere. Who can convince any of the services below to integrate Darkcoin? Thanks.
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    Berlin diese Woche?

    Mittwoch, 04.03.2015, 19:30 @ Bitcoin Center Berlin (Rainmaking Loft) Coinprism (Flavien Charlon) KYC & Anonymity (Pavel Kravchenko) Bitcoin in France (Sebastien Couture) Donnerstag, 05.03.2015, 19:00 @ Room77 (Kreuzberg) Bitcoin Stammtisch Donnerstag und Freitag, 05.03. - 06.03.2015 @...
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    Kim Dotcom teasers #MegaNet

    How would you like a new Internet that can't be controlled, censored or destroyed by Governments or Corporations? I'm working on it #MegaNet
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    Darkcoin inside the Onion

    Who has time to clean up, correct and improve some views and discussions on darkcoin using TOR? The HUB: Anybody have any thoughts on Darkcoin? http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?topic=1821.0 The Hidden Wiki: Darkcoin http://deepwikizpkrt67e.onion/index.php/Darkcoin The Uncensored Wiki...
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    Darkcoin Rising - Again (German)

    Wurde mir grade gemailt :)
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    Nominate Projects for the Developer Bounty Fund. #1

    I think we need more developer power and we should try to realize some projects via bounties. I suggest the following procedure: Nominating projects within 7 days. Name your most wanted darkcoin project and I will compile a list. Voting for projects within 7 days here on DCT. Raising funds for...
  11. vertoe

    Help translating the darkcoin core

    Join this project and translate your language. tungfa please help me to spread the word. CC: crowning you were keen on helping with the strings. Join: If you need an invite as official translator, please let me know. If any language is missing...
  12. vertoe

    Darkcoin-0.12: Porting the Bitcoin-0.10 tree ...

    After 0.9 was a great succes, I am now trying to port the latest bitcoin 0.10-tree to be compatible with the Darkcoin network: The bitcoin 0.10.x core wallet is currently in release candidate status (rc, to be released soon) and we should start...
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    WTB SHA256-ASICs

    Post any interesting offers.
  14. vertoe

    Pay your bills with bitcoin "Good bye online banking!"
  15. vertoe

    Insight / Bitcore - porting discussion

    Working on an Insight port, came across this gem: Can someone confirm this is working?
  16. vertoe

    We need a blockchain explorer with HD wallet support!

    Hey guys, does anyone know any other blockchain explorer than which fully supports HD wallets (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44)? For example BIP44 xpub address on
  17. vertoe

    Chaos Communication Camp 2015

    Der Chaos Computer Club hat das Datum für das kommende Chaos Communication Camp verkündet: Vom 13.-17. August 2015 sollte man sich frei nehmen. Ziegeleipark Mildenberg Ziegelei 10, 16792 Mildenberg, Germany
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    freenode irc accreditation

    could some foundation member look into the accreditation process on freenode irc. as we have the foundation as a legal representative for darkcoin we can undergo that process. this will allow us a better control of our own channels and we can give vhosts to members of our team (devs, core...
  19. vertoe

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    It seems dstorm is not around anymore. Here is the new official minimally maintained p2pool repository for darkcoin: I updated the python modules because they really needed...
  20. vertoe

    Good dish washer

    Hey, can anyone recommend a super 1337 dish washer? xD
  21. vertoe

    darkcoind-ncurses-0.23: Terminal front-end for darkcoin daemon.

    I just sat down and ported the bitcoind-ncurses tool for darkcoin. It's basically working but I still have to add a masternode monitor. This is great to monitor darkcoin on headless environments, for example on your masternode host. Have fun: Forked...
  22. vertoe

    python-darkcoinrpc: JSON RPC library for darkcoin daemon.

    Just ported bitcoinrpc for darkcoin, if anyone needs it. python-darkcoinrpc (Python) - done JSON RPC library to talk with darkcoin daemon. (ported by vertoe)
  23. vertoe

    Vote Evan Duffield for Proof of Honour Awards 2014. #voteduffield

    How to vote? Twitter: I vote for Evan Duffield #voteduffield for 2014 #ProofofHonor Awards! @CoinsSource @DarkcoinOrg Facebook: I vote for Evan Duffield Bitcointalk: I vote for Evan Duffield because he created...
  24. vertoe

    Vertoe's Coveted? HA HA!

    Edit, beer's on me!
  25. vertoe

    Let's speculate about X11 ASICs...

    Today Chris ( announced a 2nd generation ASIC which will be also do a good job "in the jungle of new alg[orithm]s"... Quote: Full announcement: Is he talking about X11 maybe? I doubt he is designing ASICs for coins like VTC or FTC...
  26. vertoe

    Darkcoin-0.11: Porting the Bitcoin-0.9 tree ...

    I am trying to port the latest bitcoin 0.9-tree to be compatible with the Darkcoin network: The bitcoin 0.9.x core wallet is a state of the art reference implementatoin and we should start porting its feature rather sooner than later. I can't promise...
  27. vertoe

    DARKCOIL- Lightweight Darkcoin Wallet

    Good morning, I've created a darkcoin wallet (Qt and Daemon) based on the old Darkcoin core wallet v0.9.13.x and aligned it back with the current onyx v2 development and thus created a fully working v0.9.18.x client which allows sending, storing and recieving coins like a basic bitcoin/litecoin...
  28. vertoe

    Darkcoin Market Monitor

    Never miss a dump! Cryptsy DRK/BTC | Bitfinex DRK/BTC ----------------------------------- Poloniex DRK/BTC | Bitfinex DRK/USD
  29. vertoe

    "XC , SDC and Utility Coin 'outed' as 100% pump and dump scams." - Fake or legit? Any opinions?
  30. vertoe

    What is a Tor-wallet?

    Magi released something that's called MagiTor and seems to be a Tor-wallet. But it's not open source and I really dont understand what a Tor-wallet could be. Using onion nodes only? Any ideas? Do we need a Tor-only Darkcoin...
  31. vertoe

    WTS ASICs & GPUs

    [WTS] 1x Sapphire Radeon Dual-X R9 270X GPU [WTS] 1x Gridseed Blade 5.2 MH/s Scrypt ASIC [WTS] 10x Gridseeds 360 kH/s Scrypt ASIC = 3.6 MH/s Accepting Darkcoin, PM me :-)
  32. vertoe

    Constanze Kurz (CCC) rechnet mit Apply Pay ab (in der F.A.Z.)
  33. vertoe

    [Video] Darksend Tutorial (RC5)

    I created darksend demos for youtube Enjoy...
  34. vertoe

    [CLOSED] 47000 Darkcoin [47k DRK] at a fixed rate

    Looking to buy 47000 DRK at a fixed market rate. Please drop me a message if you are interested to sell a bulk of at least 10k.
  35. vertoe

    Dark Web Monitoring

    I just looked up seminars for the winter and found this one dark_web_monitoring_and_analytics_of_leak_data Going to visit this one for sure! :D
  36. vertoe

    Help the Darksend documentation

    eduffield and flare prepared the Darkcoin and Darksend documentation at the darkcoin confluence wiki. Everyone is invited to help improving the user guides. Documentation Home User Guide...
  37. vertoe

    Selling 2x ASUS R9 270X

    ASUS Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II 60 DRK or 0.4 BTC each. These cards run super cool even in closed cases and stacked. Been running 4 of them without risers.
  38. vertoe

    What did evan say?

    I just found out Tesquenure is collecting evans posts in a dedicated pad, Will keep an eye on it!
  39. vertoe

    v0.10.12.x Get back on testnet!

    catlasshrugged needs some peers and masternodes to test denominations and darksend+ but there is too less activity on the testnet. If you have a spare machine, please consider Running a masternode on testnet Running a RC4 wallet on testnet with active denominations going on Running a pool on...
  40. vertoe

    Call for devs: Software adoption

    To reach a certain degree of Dash adoption, we as the community should prepare/port some standard software packages that should allow fast app development for all the early adopters out there. I compiled a list of most wanted features, anything missing? Let me know! dash-core (C++, Qt) - done...