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  1. Syntheist

    What is up with the CoPay wallet?

    Loving the wallet, I'm going to play with all the advanced features. But first a bug: I turned on fingerprint scanning and now I can't access the app, looks like it's not tying into android's system for scanning. The home button scanner I have stays in home button mode and therefore I have no...
  2. Syntheist

    Dash Doesn't Need to Reinvent the Wheel with Advertising - Online Search Beats it All

    Good to see you back on here @dashdisciple The proposal was created in collaboration with Dashdisciple starting back in September, but I had to delay the release due to the work load of Circus City and the need to bring the Radiolab proposal to conclusion when it became clear that it was not...
  3. Syntheist

    Google Adwords

    I've added in a line to the budget that makes it clearer that the wages will be paid on an hourly basis rather than as a monthly salary, thus the network will only be paying for full time work if that is what it takes to run the campaign. It also gives us some flexibility in terms of hiring...
  4. Syntheist

    Google Adwords

    The timeline currently depends on the release of the Ogilvy & Mather branding update, this is scheduled for December/January as i understand it. Given the lack of proposals this month we may put in the proposal and if successful hold the the funds until the rebranding is released. The logic for...
  5. Syntheist

    Google Adwords

    I think that the high cost of crypto related clicks calls for a relatively high expenditure, and having a high tier account requires the monthly spend of $150,000+. The advice I received was very clear that $150k would be the minimum necessary to generate meaningful data. I'm open to...
  6. Syntheist

    Google Adwords

    Thanks for the response, I'm happy that you feel the pre-proposal is clear. 1) I come from a background in theatre, however since May I've been making my living working full time for Dash as an advocate for user adoption and reaching outside the crypto-sphere to new users, you can take a look...
  7. Syntheist

    Google Adwords

    UPDATED December 21st 60 Day SMA Team experience Background: Dash is missing the mainstay of any online marketing department: a data oriented, highly targeted, pay-per-click Google Adwords campaign that will complement other Dash marketing activity by providing an online presence. Through...
  8. Syntheist

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    The whole of kraken is completely dysfunctional at the moment, they posted that there will be an upgrade within a week, so perhaps it will become functional again.
  9. Syntheist

    Official Pre-Proposal: Proposal Evaluation Committee

    The best advice is given here:
  10. Syntheist

    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    This is an excellent post, I think it should be stickied in the proposal section of the forum, there have been several proposals in the last month that would have benefited from reading this before submitting and paying their 5 Dash. It is also the case that this info isn't covered anywhere...
  11. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    Final Radiolab Update 17/12/02 Overall Status The Radiolab Campaign is now over and this is the last report for the project. The campaign has delivered far lower levels of engagement than hoped. Lessons can be drawn from the proposal which should be applied to future...
  12. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Thanks for your support and feedback throughout the proposal @jimbursch, mobile wallets will be key to the real world usage of Dash. I'm looking forward to trying out the copay wallet, I've been following Chuck Williams' updates in the discord channel. The Dash Circus Network, as we are...
  13. Syntheist

    Buy dash with no stops or limits

    Any good exchange site that sells Dash. I use Kraken but it's having issues currently that make it very slow and annoying to use. You can try any of the exchanges listed here:
  14. Syntheist

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    I got over excited, I helped paragon through the process of submitting the proposal and then posted here afterwards. You can be sure when paragon confirms it. I haven't heard of anyone stealing a pre-proposal, sounds like a great way to throw away 5 Dash. You raise a good point though, I...
  15. Syntheist

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    Looks like the Dash Watch proposal is now live! Time to get voting.
  16. Syntheist

    Can cryptocurrency be money?

    That's the title of this very interesting presentation by Prof. Steve Keen, a favourite of mine because he takes a no bullshit approach to the business of economics. Following a debunking of the idea of an economy based on barter (one has never existed) and an introduction to the properties of...
  17. Syntheist


    Sounds like very poor customer service. If I ran a company that made machines that turned electricity into money I would make sure never to run those machines myself, I would send them out as soon as possible and for the lowest price. I would make sure my customers had everything they needed to...
  18. Syntheist


    Nothing will happen. Unprofitable miners will stop losing money, profitable miners will make more money. Everyone will benefit. Welcome to the painful reality of global competition. The reality is that this is a race the end of Moore's Law, this happens when transistors are about 5NM apart...
  19. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Yes, it's clear that planned obsolescence is part of Apple's business model to force people to stop using old phones. Thanks for the background info about it not being possible to even provide an app for older phones. It makes sense that this would be their policy. We always asked people to...
  20. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    2/2 Sponsorship Evaluation: Circus City For Circus City the sponsorship was hugely beneficial for a number of reasons, it enabled the festival to run a dedicated hub for the first time, in the same location as the Dash Help Desk, generating a sense of community and giving them a public facing...
  21. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Let me preface this by saying that the documentaries of the festival are taking longer to produce than I had planned, partly because the sponsorship paid for them the capture much more footage, so while this is the final report there is still more content to be posted and I will be providing...
  22. Syntheist

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    I spent over an hour talking to @paragon and he walked me through the pre-alpha site through sharing his screen. I can say that both as a proposal owner and someone interested in the health of the Dash ecosystem this is an amazing tool and deserves your attention and support. In my opinion...
  23. Syntheist

    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard?

    Currently multisig addresses are not valid for treasury proposals. If this can be changed then it would make it easier to do a simple form of on-chain escrow. 2/3 multisig isn't a guarantee that proposals will be delivered as there still remains the possibility of coercion, collaboration or...
  24. Syntheist

    dash transaction price is now nearing 4 cents emergency

    Anyone responsible for the development of a wallet will have to wait until the reduced fee is locked in and then activated by the network. This will take around 4 weeks because it relies on the majority of nodes, miners and MNs to upgrade to 12.2
  25. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    Radiolab Update 17/10/31 Overall Status The adverts are still running on Radiolab and the website. They are still attracting a relatively low click through rate however there have been two spikes in visitors on the last two Thursdays. WNYC has not responded to...
  26. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Circus City Update 17/10/29 Overall Status The Festival is has now finished, it was a huge success and we are moving on to the evaluation of the proposal. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period 179 Dash wallets installed 400 Drinks sold using Dash...
  27. Syntheist

    Dash Instant @ Circus City (Interviews)

    It was a real pleasure having @dashinstant attend the Dash Help Desk and festival. I think the interviews give a great insight into the ideas and ambitions of the proposal.
  28. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Circus City Update 17/10/22 Overall Status The festival and help desk are now running. The 90% the drinks at the bar are being purchased using Dash. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period Dash Instant has created a playlist of interviews: 103 wallets...
  29. Syntheist = terrible experience

    Funds are moved to cold storage and that causes the delay? Cool story, bro. I can see that the Dash I sent was confirmed and that the delay has nothing to do with cold storage because most of those coins never left the hot wallet address they were sent to, here the second set of coins I sent...
  30. Syntheist = terrible experience

    Following up a negative report from an artist about's Dash wallet I decided to investigate the wallet myself. It is beyond terrible. If this wallet is a person's first experience of Dash it will turn them away in droves. This is not an app that anyone should be using: 1. It...
  31. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    Here is a breakdown of the sources of traffic for the radiolab adverts. Although the overall volume remains low the quality of sources of traffic is high.
  32. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Circus City Update 17/10/15 Overall Status The festival and help desk are now running. The majority of the drinks at the bar are being purchased using Dash. Progress and Achievements Since Last Reporting Period Dash Instant attending to conduct interviews Help desk...
  33. Syntheist

    Unifying Fiat Price Data

    Is it possible to establish a standard for fiat exchange rate data across wallet apps? Every wallet I've used seems to draw its price data from a different source, this means that if I send £5 from the Hash Engineering wallet on android the Dash Foundation wallet on iOS displays £5.27.
  34. Syntheist

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Sure thing~:
  35. Syntheist

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Hello, thanks for your work on this @aarellanes and sorry for the delay replying. Because the meetup was so small this time I didn't think it would be eligible but I'll send you the details just in case. How many people were at the meet up, including yourself? Just 4 this time. When was your...
  36. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    Radiolab Update 17/09/30 Overall Status The adverts are being delivered and we are seeing a constant click through rate (CTR) for the campaign, bringing a high percentage of 1st time visitors to My original goal of 2% was based on search adverts, the...
  37. Syntheist

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Circus City Update 17/09/03 Overall Status The start of Circus City is approaching and everything is ready to go. A huge amount of publicity material has been created and distributed across the city with all of it presenting the Dash logo. Progress and Achievements...
  38. Syntheist

    Not enough for full node, what to do then?

    There are a number of masternode share services, you have to give the Dash over to them so you are exposed to the risk of it being lost if they are hacked or physically compromised. You could also form a company with a bunch of others and run your own shared masternode, sadly masternodes do not...
  39. Syntheist

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    No, I decided to run some a meet up off my own back. The idea was to build up my skills in talking about Dash and how to use it and to create a base of prime interested in it before the festival started. For the Circus City proposal there will be a dedicated team of people working to introduce...
  40. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    I have created a page on to host the audio resources for anyone who wants to use them for their own podcast with two versions: UK formal and US conversational I have also translated the scripts so you can record them in your own language...