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  1. just_mike

    Hardfork FAQ - May 25 at 16:00 UTC

    This FAQ should answer most of the common questions. If your question is not answered, go ahead and ask here. Q. What is a hard fork? A. Bitcoin-based cruptocurrencies operate with a consensus-based system about the operation of the network. When wallet software introduces new functionality for...
  2. just_mike

    Tickers for iOS and Andriod

    iOS Android:
  3. just_mike

    How To Join the Conversation on IRC

    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the internet's original IM system. There are many ways to access IRC. You can access through your browser or a stand alone client. IRC runs on servers (also called networks) and these servers have channels where the conversations take place. In our case we are...
  4. just_mike

    DRK / CNY now on
  5. just_mike

    Masternodes Subforum

    I think we could use a Masternodes subforum. There are multiple posts everyday with MN questions on bitcointalk. It would be great to point them in a forum so they are organinzed.
  6. just_mike

    Cult of Evan?

    The Darkcoin team consists of InternetApe and Evan. All changes must be approved by and implemented by them. While this works well in the beginning, Darkcoin should have a real team and these team members should be empowered to make decisions. There is lots of talk on the thread about about...
  7. just_mike Has Old Windows Binary

    The download on the front page is Shouldn't that be changed?
  8. just_mike

    How-To CPU Mine Darkcoin

    Yes you can still CPU mine Darkcoin. A modern GPU is only about 4.6 times faster at hashing than a modern CPU (calcs are at the bottom of page). I have the the how-to here ->
  9. just_mike

    Date of Post

    I notice that forum puts the day of the week for post date on recent posts (within the last week?). Am I the only one who finds this confusing? I would much prefer to see the month/day vs the day of week.