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  1. MrGold

    When dash Masternode Operators become comfortably well off

    I've completed a new improved rev of the white paper WhitePaperPoverty-0.0.11.pdf here: ttps:// In it, a way to pay land owners a certain price for their ecosystem services by using those services as money is described, along with the...
  2. MrGold

    When dash Masternode Operators become comfortably well off

    As you know from the post in the pre-proposal section, I'm plotting and scheming to persuade We The People of these united States of America to purchase a one year budget supply (for their central government) worth of dash, operate masternodes, and vote on budget proposals. The following is the...
  3. MrGold

    When MN operators get richer than Croesus

    This is similar to Ricardo Temporal's Dash Dollar post, but more ambitious. I think it is a pre-pre-proposal. Why this ppp? Because of this pitch, written up in WhitePaperPoverty-0.0.1.pdf which is stored in this directory:
  4. MrGold

    Dash marketing mentioned as important by vlogger

    At 28:50 this youtuber discusses the importance of marketing, and specifically calls out Dash.
  5. MrGold

    Dash Core version v0.12.2.2 (64-bit) not mixing

    The balance in the QT wallet is 0.79 and the mixer has been running for around 12 hours, but it still shows Amount and Rounds: ~0 DASH / 2 Rounds. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. MrGold

    Bitnovo loves Dash! Hi friends! During the past months we were thinking which cryptocurrencies would suit to become available at Bitnovo and after some thoughts we decided that Dash should be the first in joining us! Why Dash? During the past months we...
  7. MrGold

    Amazon is the biggest threat to bitcoin right now

    The revalent points from this article: "If customers demand a cryptocurrency payment method Amazon is sure to eventually give them what they want." "2. Amazon could adopt a competitor to bitcoin" Have some budget proposals been funded yet to help Amazon's decision...
  8. MrGold

    Blockchain Nervous System

    Just noticed this article so posting it to the forum to try and make sure the core team is aware of it. It's giving me governance envy: It is a sister network to Ethereum called DFINITY that uses...
  9. MrGold

    Masternode40 masternodes not-enabled

    All four of my master nodes have status of not-enabled. XeR6P2EtXC34kzjsmiX43aLHtdhGBuKx2u XhhZ7hAsZNegU9QawYFE2UHw924okwUj6g Xcw9czTG8jxSYwQCcg7hptNwa3XUQWUBm5 XbCPSX1W7Dg74buC8bc4eHJhcaDauC4hNs But Dash Core Wallet says Status ENABLED. How do I fix? I can't get the Node40 site to accept my...
  10. MrGold

    Can't start masternode

    I'm getting this error when clicking "Start Missing" on the Dash QT ( Dash Core version v0.12.1.1 (64-bit)) Masternode tab: Successfully started 0 masternodes, failed to start 1, total 1 Failed to start Node40_003. Error: Could not allocate txin...
  11. MrGold

    Dash Core can no longer continue safely and will quit

    I just completed all the steps of starting a Node40 master node to where it says I have 1 pending node and I need to stop and then restart my wallet and remote-start the master node. I just upgraded to 12.1 and everything was working well. But now when I attempt to restart this window comes up...
  12. MrGold

    public key (wallet address) that contains your 1,000 Dash

    I'm sure this is a stupid question but I'm afraid of doing the wrong thing and losing my 1,000 Dash. I'm starting the setup wizard for Node40 to launch a Masternode. On step 1 "Locate Collateral & Select Payment Option" it says Enter the public key (wallet address) that contains your 1,000...