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  1. djcrypto

    Pre-Proposal: Primetime TV Fox Sports Sponsorship - 40 Million Reach

    Due to the outstanding success of the Rory MacDonald sponsorship and the millions of positive impressions generated for Dash, Instantkarmafund has been approached to present a sponsorship opportunity for Dash to be the main sponsor of the 10th Annual World MMA Awards - a red carpet event with...
  2. djcrypto

    Pre-Proposal: - Online Shopping Marketplace

    DASHOP.IO - Online Shopping Marketplace for Mass Adoption Summary I am excited to propose the creation of - a Dash-only online shopping marketplace which aims to bring mass adoption of users and merchants into the Dash Economy and Evolution Platform. will be one of the...
  3. djcrypto

    Pre-Proposal: Official PR Liaison Officer for

    There is some serious concern in the community that communication is sporadic and placed on the shoulders of Devs, resulting in their time being spent handling questions, as opposed to doing their jobs. We also recognize that the current team is stretched to its limit. We request from Core to...
  4. djcrypto

    Pre-Proposal: InstantKarma Fund - Changing Minds for Mass Adoption

    InstantKarma Fund Dash for a Decent World TL;DR: We will provide a repository and "trophy case" for promotion of pre-qualified humanitarian projects which are to be put for voting and funding by the Dash Treasury. Philanthropic projects will help break the public's negative preconceptions...
  5. djcrypto

    Karma - Charity Fund Sponsored by Dash Treasury

    TL;DR: Use some treasury funds to help charities and boost Dash brand awareness/adoption/market cap. Hi All, I've been thinking about ways to give back, boost Dash's brand awareness, generate positive publicity and perception and help others. All of these will boost adoption and thus the...
  6. djcrypto

    Kill Proposal Fee Before it Kills Us (Poll)

    Dash Could be #1 As we know, our Treasury Funds are a *potential* major advantage that Dash has over our competition, if we can spend it well! We have over hundreds of thousands of USD equivalent unspent every month and I believe that the proposal fee is actually a major handicap - preventing...
  7. djcrypto

    Operation FUDwrecker

    DASH (aka Digital Cash) is a cryptocurrency that has many advantages over its competition, including exclusive technologies such as InstantSend, PrivateSend, incentivized PoW/PoS and an innovative governance system, including Treasury. As a result of these features and innovations, DASH has...
  8. djcrypto

    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    I’m writing this “Open Letter” to Ryan Taylor (“RYAN”) and Stakeholders (“WE”/“US”) of DASH. First of all, I am hyped for DASH. I love DASH. Thank you for nurturing it, improving it and getting into the Top 5. With recent roadmap and market cap increase, we are seeing a glimpse of the...
  9. djcrypto

    How to auto-send MN rewards to one wallet?

    Is there a guide for this for a VPS on Ubuntu? I'd like to keep the MN balance at 1,000... Thanks.
  10. djcrypto

    Update MN to RC5

    Hey I could use some help updating my MN from RC4 to RC5. I have a masternode on digitalocean running ubuntu and usually access through putty. Is there a way to check what version I'm running in console? I've used the update command "wget
  11. djcrypto

    One of my Masternodes is banned

    Not sure why? It got rewarded (paid) and then banned. All of them are running the same settings...only one is greyed out. Any advice on how to resolve this?