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  1. Pete - DashCrypto

    Watch episode 2 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Governance."

    We're back with another video! Watch episode 2 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Governance."
  2. Pete - DashCrypto

    Watch episode 1 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Fees."

    Watch episode 1 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Fees."
  3. Pete - DashCrypto

    Introducing the Dash Web Wallet — the easiest way to use the Dash cryptocurrency.

    Simple, secure, and enjoyable to use. Send and receive Dash in seconds. No e-mail required and nothing to download or install. Works on all devices.
  4. Pete - DashCrypto

    Introducing Places — the new business directory for Dash!

    Places is the newest component at the Dash Crypto portal. It’s purpose? To drive more customers to the brick-and-mortar businesses that accept Dash. We’re focused on quality (address-verified businesses) over quantity (incomplete listings). And in keeping with the professionalism of Dash, we’ve...
  5. Pete - DashCrypto

    Announcing 2 new services on the Dash Crypto portal: Questions and Answers + Dash Discussions

    Cryptocurrency hasn't been around too long and it's natural that many of us have questions about how it works. This is especially true about Dash, as it's been among the most innovative projects in the industry. Even for the tech-savvy among us, it can be tough to really have a grasp on all the...
  6. Pete - DashCrypto Update - You Spoke, We Listened

    A couple of weeks ago the community preview version of went live. In the next few weeks the site will be built into what we consider, MVP, or minimum viable product. After that, components and content will continue to be added to fulfill our goal of creating a portal for the Dash...
  7. Pete - DashCrypto

    We're thrilled to announce, the new Dash portal, is now live for a community preview!

    What you see is only 15% of what we have planned — expect to be blown away by features coming in April. Please stop on by at, and let us know what you think: [email protected] And Masternode Owners, please vote YES for our "Supporting Funds" proposal. We must...
  8. Pete - DashCrypto

    Despite 50+ Crypto ATMs in Vegas, DASH Not Represented

    I recently relocated to Vegas. According to, there are 54 crypto ATMs in town, which, with a metro population of around 2.1 million, is a pretty high ratio. Yet, folks in Vegas have no easy way to buy or sell DASH from a crypto ATM. Though one machine claims to offer DASH...
  9. Pete - DashCrypto

    Dash Contractor Points Remittance Users to Crypto ATMs Over “Funding the Wall”

    Billions in remittances are annually sent from folks in the USSA to their friends and families elsewhere. For decades, firms like Western Union and MoneyGram took a hefty fee for this service. But today, with the emergence of peer-to-peer digital currencies like Dash, money transfers can be done...
  10. Pete - DashCrypto

    Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

    UPDATE: The event location was changed to a larger room to accommodate more guests. The new details are included on the graphic below and can be found at Outreach is being done via the ASU inter-campus events calendar, to a few dozen ASU student...
  11. Pete - DashCrypto

    100% Miners, 80% Masternodes, & Spork Still on Horizon | DASH: Detailed

    Transcript / Links:
  12. Pete - DashCrypto

    12.1 Support Party, Apple-Jaxx Update, & International Girls | DASH: Detailed

    Get all that's new in Dash news: headlines, developments, price movements, network stats, and more. Host Amanda B. Johnson brings you DASH: Detailed. TRANSCRIPT:
  13. Pete - DashCrypto

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Juggernaut

    Get all that's new in Dash news: headlines, developments, price movements, network stats, and more. Host Amanda B. Johnson brings you DASH: Detailed. We're about two weeks out from the release of 12.1, Dash got a lot of grassroots coverage in the media this week, and also it turned three years...
  14. Pete - DashCrypto

    Why Aren't We Seeing Greater Adoption of Cryptocurrency?

    Ryan Taylor defines two reasons crypto hasn't gone mainstream yet -- and it may not be the reasons you've been told elsewhere. This is the speech delivered by the Director of Finance at Dash at The North American Bitcoin Conference, 2017. Learn more: Original presentation...
  15. Pete - DashCrypto

    DASH: Detailed - Why Yes, This Water-Dispensing Machine Accepts Dash 'InstantSend'

    Dash is in Miami, is launched and global, and we continue the up-down price roller coaster but after each crash we end up a little higher than we were before. Hi, I'm Amanda B. Johnson and you're watching DASH: Detailed. Let's begin with Dash In The News. Dash got a mention in The...
  16. Pete - DashCrypto

    Bitcoin's Bubble vs. Dash's Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM

    Cryptocurrency's ~14 billion dollar market cap is largely betting that one or more blockchain-based tokens become widely used as "money." But given crypto's current usability, that's not likely to happen. Amanda B. Johnson discusses why the likes of Bitcoin and others are likely currently in a...
  17. Pete - DashCrypto

    Want a DASH t-shirt & DASH: Detailed outreach cards? Read on friend...

    We have just a few Dash t-shirts left in stock (five Larges and four Smalls). If you want to claim one, along with 50 DASH: Detailed outreach cards, for a mere $17.50 in DASH, email Amanda B. Johnson at: [email protected] Shipping is included for all domestic addresses. And if you just want 50...
  18. Pete - DashCrypto

    Debrief: Decentralize All the Profits! Tour

    This is admittedly a lengthy post. If you read only the SUMMARY you'll get a good gist of how the Decentralized All the Profits! tour went. If you want more details, read the EVENT-BY-EVENT OVERVIEW as well. SUMMARY Over a three-week period the DASH: Detailed team – Amanda B. Johnson and me...
  19. Pete - DashCrypto

    Evolution's Marketplace, Masternode Shares, & DAPI: Evan Duffield Expounds

    How will interest-bearing savings accounts (or masternode shares), the merchant/app/marketplace, and the world's first decentralized API work, precisely? Join Amanda as she chats with Evan Duffield -- he even gives bonus personal stories and economic predictions at the end. Dash Evolution...
  20. Pete - DashCrypto

    Have questions for Amanda B. Johnson? Send 'em over for inclusion in a future episode!

    At the end of the last DASH: Detailed episode, Soft/Hard Forks vs. 'Sporks': Evan Duffield Explains How Dash is Different, I outlined my idea for a future episode titled, "Ask A.B.J", that'd feature questions posed to host Amanda B. Johnson about Dash or cryptocurrency. If you have questions...
  21. Pete - DashCrypto

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #4

    Howdy, all. Pete – the behind-the-scenes guy at DASH: Detailed here. In keeping with our drive to be transparent, here is the latest investor report. Summary: We've been in production for four months, publishing 24 episodes. During the fourth month, we have seen a continued increase in the...
  22. Pete - DashCrypto

    It's Q4 2016, So Where Is Bitcoin's Consumer Demand? -- Dash on Nasdaq

    Director of Finance at Dash, Ryan Taylor, expounds on the state of Bitcoin and why it continues to fall short of expectations. Taylor shares why only a crypto with the innovations of Dash stands to offer the “trifecta” required to break into the payments industry. Ryan's article on Nasdaq...
  23. Pete - DashCrypto

    Bitcoin Double-Spend Tool Now Available to All: Interview w/ Glass Hunt's Hackers

    The latest DASH: Detailed! "Double-spending" Bitcoin -- the process of making someone believe you sent them funds when you didn't -- used to be only for the tech-savvy. Thanks to Glass Hunt's new web-based double-spend tool, however, it's now easy and available to all. The South Korea-based...