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  1. TreasureSeeker

    "DASH2" infringing Dash's Trademark

    If I recall correctly, someone mentioned to me a while ago that Dash had secured the trademark for use as a virtual currency. It appears that the user apple_talk on Bitcointalk is thinking of infringing this trademark by intending to launch a DASH2 coin, detailled at...
  2. TreasureSeeker

    Darkcoin p2pool. Dallas, Texas USA server. TreasureQuarry. 1% fee

    Come bring your mining equipment and dig out some Dash at TreasureQuarry's fun and friendly pool. It's quick and east to start mining at TreasureQuarry's Dash pool. The advantages with p2pool include there's no need to "sign up" and no coins are held on the server - they go straight out to...