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  1. younglegend

    0 active connection to dash network..

    I have been noticing once a while I get this message. It won't synchronize while this is up. Any one knows what is the problem?
  2. younglegend

    Does anyone else here turned off by new dash icon?

    I really like the dash image in blue chip or coin image. Who came up with this ugly icon that is on our main page? This change upsets me so much. I feel like so distanced from dash project they done this big change without any consensus. Or did I miss it completely? I almost sold all my...
  3. younglegend

    Does anyone know what happened to dash wallet in google play?

    I just noticed few days ago that I can't no longer find Dash wallet in google play? Its very hard to download apk from this website and install for new people, including my self. Does anyone know what happened to dash mobile wallet in google play?
  4. younglegend

    Needs some intervention in forum.

    There are way to many trolling posts coming up these days. I saw moderators erasing some, but there are such inadequate questions and advertisements. Will we need more moderators to erase or such mechanism(members vote) that can trash the post that are not suited here?
  5. younglegend

    I highly advise dash network to not trade dash with tether.

    I have been noticing that tether trade volume daily exceed its total existing number. If I am right there must be more than $5 billion tether. Very likely to be a fraud. If you are trading dash with tether, I highly recommend use other website such as wex, bithumb and gdax where they trade...
  6. younglegend

    Dash coin sound offensive to me.

    last time I talked about my idea. Lot of people were interested and agreed, but it never passed down to practice. I was arguing that dash isn't a coin anymore. Dash should start breaking up from alt coin image. When I send dash from my mobile wallet it says send coin... even worse in...
  7. younglegend

    Is there a reason why mobile fee is expensive?

    Does anyone know why mobile wallet fee is expensive? I have been noticing a while back almost if not all crypto currency have higher mobile wallet fees. Is there a reason why? because its a temporary solution? or technicality of using up more data? I do appreciate your knowledge on this.
  8. younglegend

    Is there a viable fiat gateway in USA?

    Does any one know if we have viable fiat gateway in USA?
  9. younglegend

    my mobile wallet isn't synchronizing for about an hour now...

    my mobile wallet isn't synchronizing for about an hour now... its still pending... anyone have same problem?
  10. younglegend

    Is Dash a coin?

    When I send dash with my mobile wallet, it says "send coin". I thought Dash has changed its branding name from darkcoin long ago. Shouldn't it be "send digital cash"? For me its better sounding. I think dash isn't utilizing its own advantage in name.
  11. younglegend

    Easy Tutorials needed?

    I am trying to send dash using smart fee and wallet shows smart fee not initiated and usually takes few blocks. Does dash community have easy tutorials using dash wallet somewhere in the web? if so shouldn't it be put on the main page? I think its very important especially for new people to...
  12. younglegend

    Dash wallet on mobile phone

    I have few questions according to wallet in mobile phone. I keep most of my dash on mobile phone and always wonder about the sign that says "it is unfinished stuff, use at your own risk!" isn't cryptocurrency around for many years? I have been seeing that since bitcoin wallet. It just...
  13. younglegend

    Do I get an insentive to share great ideas?

    This is my first post in the forum so I'd like to introduce my self first. I am a violin maker and great strategy game player (I am in legendary level in clash clan without spending a dime) I know many people have great idea for DSH as me. Some will share freely and someone like me will...