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  1. Stealth923

    A communication to Dash Management

    @Ryan Taylor @kot @tungfa please tag Ernesto, Glenn, Bob and Dana So the MNs have been discussing the issues with DCG and communication for some time, most importantly toward Masternodes and also toward the broader community. I have been saying this for at least 2-3 years and has been asked...
  2. Stealth923

    BTC/BCH drama = Dash awareness?

    With all the drama with btc/bch we should be on one of the biggest marketing drives ever for dash showing our advantages. There are a lot of pissed off miners and investors now with no idea what's going to happen. Dash can be seen as the safe bet that won't cause the same issues again.
  3. Stealth923

    MNO Proposal Voting Wiki

    Hi All, I am hoping that this can be a sticky of proposal voting information based on how the DAO matures. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions so that we can continue to evolve: 1) We need to enforce escrow + milestone based payments for larger > $50-100k+ (maybe this number...
  4. Stealth923

    Roadmap dates already innacurate?

    So, here we are in October with silence from the Core team. The roadmap was only just updated with dates, which I was holding the team to and thought to be accurate...why is communication and holding to a timeline so difficult for the core team? I am not just talking about this instance, I have...
  5. Stealth923

    Dash Core Team Accountability and Lack of Communication

    This is not to troll but with the hope to build a better framework and community. I believe in Dash and its vision and hold a large number of Masternodes and I am concerned with projects with no communication or updates except for ambiguous comments or excuses: 1) Legal work Part I - 1492 Dash...
  6. Stealth923

    Windows Virtualbox, Ubuntu & Darkcoin RC4 Testnet Guide

    Virtualbox, Ubuntu & Darkcoin RC4 Testnet Guide To get you started here is a quick run through of what you can do if you want to run darkcoin RC4 testnet in a virtual on your windows machine 1) Download virtual box v4.3.12 and install it. (Users have reported issues with v4.3.14) Grab it from...
  7. Stealth923

    Darkcoin News for the week ending 6 June 2014

    Hey All - Since this thread and other community news is hard to keep track of - I put together a weekly summary of what's been going on this week! If you all find it useful I will do this every week. Darkcoin News for the week ending 6 June 2014 Coin Development * Evan fixes Masternode payment...