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    WTS Spondoolies SP20 Jackson ASIC Bitcoin miner

    As per my EBAY AD I am also willing to trade for DASH or BTC if anyone is keen? Let me know we can work out a deal. Reserve $275 AUD in DASH or BTC. Instant: $300 AUD in DASH or BTC.
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    WTB Dash for AUD OTC trade

    Hi Everyone, Looking to buy some Dash to setup my next masternode. PM me if you are interested.
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    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    Hi Guys, Long time reader and supporter of DASH. The idea has been brewing in my mind for quite sometime and I am now in a place where I could look take this further but I would definitely need your help. Are there any current POS solutions/ APIs available that would enable me to deploy to a...
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    inbound port is not open. Please open it and try again.

    Hi Guys, I setup a Masternode using Tao's guide on version 10.15.16. No issues. Since all the updates my MN has been offline since 14/11. Anyway I have been trying to bring it back online on version 10.16.15 following Tao's update guide but it I'm getting the error message when I try to start...
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    Updating from RC3 Wallet to RC5

    Hey Guys, I have the old RC Wallet (darkcoin- When I try to run the new Wallet I get the warning screen to move my funds to the new wallet. Does anyone have i guide that stair steps you through this? What are the steps involved? My wallet is encrypted and I'm concerned that...