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  1. Daniel Vizcaino

    AgroCognitive powered by DASH digital cash

    Hello guys, keep building this good project and go for the best results. Keep it updated for anyone who wants to check it out. Best wishes for you all.
  2. Daniel Vizcaino

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    I'm glad to be part of this great team and share the same mission and vision, this proposal really makes value to Dash. The best is yet to come. Regards for everyone.
  3. Daniel Vizcaino

    Comunidad DashPlc - Venezuela

    Vamos con todas las energías y ganas de generar un cambio positivo en nuestras ciudades. Daniel Vizcaino - Dash PLC
  4. Daniel Vizcaino

    CATV (En Espanol) | Intro To Dash Nation at Dash Maracay

    Nice work @TaoOfSatoshi , good initiative for the communities and its events, i hope more people like you integrate in the Spanish language and collaborate in the future as international support. Regards from Puerto La Cruz - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
  5. Daniel Vizcaino

    Dash Help Venezuela - Support Center (Updates + News)

    Fascinating what Dash Help already have and promise, prepared for this massive adoption, who is a reality now, in front on us. Wish you guys the best, hope to know the team someday. I will keep my eye on this, this is a essential key tool for the community. Regards from Anzoategui.
  6. Daniel Vizcaino

    CryptoWay: Compra y vende Criptomonedas con bolívares venezolanos

    Cryptoway suena muy interesante, espero probarla pronto y darles un respectivo FeedBack de la experiencia. Saludos
  7. Daniel Vizcaino

    Dash Meet-up in Belgium

    Hi Roxane, i take the time to read this, i had read that DashForce helps initiatives with MeetUps so search the article and ask your doubts there. You already motivated, go forward. Search this: DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program.
  8. Daniel Vizcaino

    Dash Aerosports Brings Dash to American Televisions on NBCSN

    This was an amazing promote, i think we can do anything, with a good strategy, a good team work and put the focus mindset.
  9. Daniel Vizcaino

    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    Is so productive this information, for new members like me who wants to do several things for this community, improve to another level, in my case, the economy of my country Venezuela. I'm glad to see how far we will go with this movement.