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  1. dashakti

    Pre-proposal: Integrating Dash in African Exchange

    Good work and good luck. I would really like to see this proposal pass. Unlike many other parts of the world where people invest in dash as an investment, DASH will have actual use cases in Zimbabwe. As you mentioned in the proposal: "We're seeing real use cases for cryptocurrency here in...
  2. dashakti

    How to buy with cash or wire in USA

    @Sarasota You can buy DASH directly with cash: 1) Wall of coins (select DASH) If you want to use credit card or bank account instead, then there: 1) Kraken 2) Changelly If you want to...
  3. dashakti

    Bitcoin is Gold

    @jimbursch .... great video.... thanks for sharing... Andreas is a great teacher .... He could explain quantum physics to 5 yr olds..... :) "Gold wants to be absolutely safe and secure; cash wants to be easy to use. In a perfect world there wouldn't be any tradeoff between the two, but...
  4. dashakti

    Bitcoin is Gold

    I read this on multiple forums: "Bitcoin is like gold.... it is a store of value.... some other crypto (LTC??) will be more suitable for daily small transactions...fees don't matter because it is a store of value" My question is why can't one crypto be cash and gold at the same time...
  5. dashakti

    Old guy needs some basic answers

    Hi @PNGento ... Welcome to the forum. is is ok to call these cryptos? of course, call all the other coins as cryptos, but for DASH we prefer Digital CASH :) 1) Miners fees for conversions....0.002 for Dash (which works out to around a quarter)....0.003 for BTC, which works out to $7...
  6. dashakti

    Dash Marketplace Live Preproposal Video

    DASH already gets a lot of hate and trolls from other cryptos. The last thing we need is rants like this one, especially from a guy who himself owns a DASH masternode. As others have said, I think he is very determined and I wish him the very best. I just don't want him to come up with epic...
  7. dashakti

    Dash Marketplace Live Preproposal Video

    For the benefit of new members on this forum and to address the "elephant" in the room, please watch this: Didn't even bother to take it down before coming back to the MNs and the community to ask for more money.
  8. dashakti

    Vote based fee waiver

    Collecting tips or crowd sourcing works, but I think they are more of a "band-aid" fix than an actual solution. Also, tips are not guaranteed, but fee-waivers or discounts are (as long as they are good enough to make it to the top 3). If I were a proposal owner, and I had a great pre-proposal...
  9. dashakti

    Vote based fee waiver

    With all the talk about reduced proposal fees and shared voting rights, I was thinking if we could merge both of these together to come up with a vote based fee waiver system. Here's how it might work: 1) Pre-proposals are submitted as usual. 2) The entire community votes on these...
  10. dashakti

    The Dash Super DAO

    I am a new to Dash too and feel the pain of not having invested in Dash earlier. That being said I am perfectly fine with the voting rights being exclusive to Masternodes. There has to be some incentive for MNs to hold their Dash. The main two incentives right now is the ~10 to 12% returns...
  11. dashakti

    Dash core wallet and Norton virus scanner

    @tungfa Thank you. Since the hash matches with the hash file, I guess it is a false positive.
  12. dashakti

    Dash core wallet and Norton virus scanner

    Up until now, I have been using hardware wallets to store my dash. I thought I would try out the core wallet. So, went to, downloaded the "dashcore-". I compared the hash and it matched. Within a few minutes of downloading the installer, "Norton security suite"...
  13. dashakti

    QT Wallet link page

    On this link below, if you click on QTWallet, you are taken to this webpage:
  14. dashakti

    QT Wallet link page

    Under the "What Wallet and How to use it ?!" section, the link to the QTWallet goes to the following page: "Page Not Found The page you were trying to reach could not be found: it may have been renamed or moved to another space, or the name you requested may be incomplete." Looks like the...
  15. dashakti

    PIVX is growing rapidly time to wake up

    I totally agree with this. The question all PIVX buyers should be asking themselves is what is causing this rapid rise in market cap? Here are a few points to think about: Are there any major development updates that caused this rapid spike? ---- NO Is PIVX on major exchanges like...
  16. dashakti

    New Exchange with DASH/Fiat Pair

    Checked the exchange website. Why do they have dash ticker symbol as "DAS"? shouldn't it be "DASH"? Also, interestingly, they also have Thai Baht to Augur pairing....
  17. dashakti

    What or who decides the value of dash

    Dash is currently at 76. It went from below 50 to 76 in 2 weeks. Most of that jump is due to the "kraken" news. Being able to buy dash using fiat is a huge plus, and kraken is one of the biggest exchanges in crypto. In my opinion, dash is only going to go higher from here.
  18. dashakti

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello fellow dashers!! I've been following this forum for a few months now and finally decided that it was time for me to create an account. I get a lot of information from this forum and find it very helpful for new dashers like myself.