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    Collateral cheaper in Dash electrum than Dash core?

    I made two nearly identical mixings in Dash core and Dash electrum, and I've noticed that I only paid 0.0001 Dash with electrum while I paid 0.0003 with core. Is the collateral amount determined by the wallet or is it random?
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    Is privatesend testnet broken?

    I am trying to mix a few coins in testnet using the latest version of electrum dash. However it fails all the time and in the log I'm continuously getting messages like 03/04/21 13:07:06 Error in denominate worfklow: Session Timeout, Reset, workflow: a7db7ad1 Can someone tell me what is wrong...
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    Dash core testnet stuck at 99.84%

    See image below. It's stuck there for about 5 hours and the wallet uses about 50% CPU all this time. Any suggestions? Is this normal?