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  1. Miner237

    Proposal: DASH Kiosks for everyone

    Do you support DASH ATM systems such as proposed by Alt36? Do you like the idea to help make DASH accessible to the under banked and not just the people purchasing marijuana? I have been working on a similar offering and I am ready for operation today without a need to build the device. If we...
  2. Miner237

    DASH KIOSK Pre-Proposal

    Hello all I would like to start up this discussion of creating a treasury backed DASH kiosk network. I wanted to find out what the interest levels would be about the network supporting such a system that is designed to be "not for profit". I know there are some heated opinions about ATM and...
  3. Miner237

    Pre-Proposal Crypto ATM Systems South Jersey USA

    Hi do you support the idea of DASH ATM? Such as proposed by theSavoyard? You will enjoy this proposal as well then. theSavoyard has taken the chance in asking the network to pay for his business equipment, I would like the opportunity to also ask the network for the same cost. I intend to charge...
  4. Miner237

    Poll: Dash Bottle Opener

    Hello what are your thoughts on these designs for some dash merchandise. A1 or A2 A3
  5. Miner237

    TESTNET 3 questions

    Hi can anyone help guide me to find some details about the differences between testnet and mainnet. I searched the forums but couldn't find any definitive information I notice budgets don't pay out at all, are the super blocks not active? The MNs don't seem to get rewarded in the same manner...
  6. Miner237

    WTS DASH SWAG - zazzle store

    So the story goes One day early in 2016 I wanted some DASH T-shirts for myself and some leave behinds for my clients. And well I started making things on zazzle since they let you setup a free "store" and figured anyone who doesn't want to spend the time doing this and just wants to ring the...
  7. Miner237

    How far would you drive ?

    I am putting together some business plans to run some DASH ATMs. I wanted to get some feedback from the first people who would use such a device. I would like to open one at the international airport terminal this year. I know once merchants can accept DASH the need for crypto ATM may shift but...
  8. Miner237

    WTT UNCirculated US Quarter Rolls - America The Beautiful Collection

    Hi - First Want to Trade post, I do not intend to profit from these trades. If Dash prices go down you win if DASH goes up faster than i can modify this post please PM me to confirm adjusted rate. I am an avid coin collector and want to offer these out to anyone in the community interested in...
  9. Miner237

    Masternode setup on testnet

    I am having trouble with initial setup, and doing this on test net to start. I followed wierdgod's guide on rc3 Masternode. When I launch darkcoind it says the darkcoin.conf file needs to have rpcpasssword. I am runnin Ubuntu 14. The file is there and using vi I can see rpcpasssword and rpcuser...