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  1. Manuel Gomez Aguilar

    Proposal idea - About hospital health

    Hello, how are you all! I hope it's ok! I was taking a walk through the forum when I observed this idea. For months I have a similar concern, I live in Venezuela where the acquisition of health services are affected by the existing inflation. I recently performed routine medical exams on a...
  2. Manuel Gomez Aguilar

    Dash Latam Mass Adoption Marathon & Expansion into Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Haiti, Buenos Aires

    I really like this proposal, I have friends in Santiago de Chile and Montevideo who have asked me how to buy and use Dash, as a means of payment as well as for remittances. I hope it spreads soon throughout Latam and the Caribbean! It is excellent news! Congratulations
  3. Manuel Gomez Aguilar

    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    Hi everybody how are you! I think it's not good or very good, but it's EXCELLENT! I'm going to mention my reason why: 1. Connectivity and use: In Venezuela, we are experiencing a very difficult situation with connectivity, not only from the Internet connection, but also at the...
  4. Manuel Gomez Aguilar

    Dash Maracay: Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela

    Hi everybody how are you! this proposal is super cool, because of the following: in recent days I was reviewing several pre-proposals related to a project idea that I want to make. One of the main weaknesses that I found was how to teach entrepreneurs or merchants register their income or...