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  1. methusaleh

    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    I did not realise how fully I appreciated all your efforts until I saw this post pop up on my phone; misinterpreted it as you leaving the Dash-verse entirely and appreciated what your absence would feel like. As with a handful of your colleagues you in a way ARE evolution after all :( you have...
  2. methusaleh

    Pre-proposal: AgroCognitive - An ultimate solution to bring Dash to the fields (First month)

    Two members of your team have the same profile pic in the team links, only 1 of you is over 25 yet terms like Consultant and Specialist are being bandied around and only 1 of you has a linkedin profile. This is effectively a start up by any reasonable interpretation and there aren't even any...
  3. methusaleh

    Chant Pre-Proposal

    Hi what research have you done to show this project will work at £2 per dl price point? That seems hugely expensive to me. I can see how you and the artists may be incentivised; not so much the users though?
  4. methusaleh

    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    If watching 'the old greedy generation' strip is your thing Demo then I applaud your candour for sharing that here... not sure it will be much of a moneyspinner though
  5. methusaleh

    Proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    Congratulations on a job very well done. Great feedback about different wallets on different OS in the field too.
  6. methusaleh

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    Easy yes from me Paragon you've shown yourself and your project to be well worth it I'd say
  7. methusaleh

    The Dash Foundation needs attention

    So is the Dash foundation still a thing or does this entity become null when we have a legal entity in Switzerland set up? The website looks really unloved and there don't appear to have been any meeting since the 10th of November last year either?
  8. methusaleh

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    Well then you Sir were wrong and my ignorance trumps your hubris ;)
  9. methusaleh

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    @huoibpro So what would it take to incorporate Instant Send? I'm not clear what makes this so impossible for you to do right now? If (or more likely when) this proposal is successful. I'm also mystified as to why no Dash / CNY trading pair so as others have asked why is that not on the table?
  10. methusaleh

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    Thanks Flare I owe you guys a pint sometime ;)
  11. methusaleh

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    I'm hosted with Moo so is this something that happens at his end via Dashman or will I need to do a start?
  12. methusaleh

    MNOs - Are you OK with DashIncubator backers supporting proposals?

    It's a risk, over and above all the other risks of crypto & MNO so doing it for free isn't realistic so yes I'm ok with remuneration. Perhaps 5 dash is a bit steep. Might it not be possible for the market to decide a fair price?
  13. methusaleh

    WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

    Hi Rusty I hope you're getting somewhere with this a place in the PNW sounds like living the dream to me you can keep the southwest tho too damn hot for me
  14. methusaleh

    Pre-Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform

    Agreed; exclusivity is essential here I think. 36 months is reasonable.
  15. methusaleh

    Pre-proposal: decentralized contract system on top of Dash

    Thanks yes it does answer my question. I really like the idea and I'm not currently seeing any insurmountable issues with the execution of it as yet. Erring towards a 'Yes' from me
  16. methusaleh

    Pre-proposal: decentralized contract system on top of Dash

    Hi this is certainly interesting but when you say "new decentralized system/database" what's the incentive for parties hosting this new decentralised system if this is planned as distinct from the MN network? Maybe this will be covered in the white paper you mentioned on the slack?
  17. methusaleh

    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    Hi @Bertrand256 do you have any plans for a proposal to develop this? I hear you with your 'doing it for love' point of view but I wonder if it might not do well as a formal proposal and money is nice too!
  18. methusaleh

    Dash has cancer, take a look at the xray...

    It's clear there's lots of passion here which I imagine we can all agree is a good thing, but when people start swearing at each other effective communication usually stops. I'd say that happens equally where we question others moral sets and broader character so I'm dismayed to see how rapidly...
  19. methusaleh

    Bitcoin Fork Soon? Core Blocks Dip Below 90% As Unlimited Takes Off

    I think they need to slow down, have 3 or 4 conferences and really think this over. Wouldn't want btc to rush into anything too hastily here
  20. methusaleh

    Dash "stock split"

    I like the idea, I think it could be a real help to adoption and ultimately to price.. and I think it really would get a LOT of the same comments as those from Camo above.
  21. methusaleh

    Does Dash tends to value?

    Ha yeah you're sounding less newbie by the minute if you ask me Rusty. If you want to discuss your findings about mining I'd love to hear more on the subject in a PM sometime
  22. methusaleh

    Does Dash tends to value?

    Hey @rustycase If bitcoin is grand dad then can litecoin be that weird spinster great-aunt with all the cats that you only ever see at weddings and funerals? :confused:
  23. methusaleh

    Open Bazaar integration - pre-proposal

    This is some great progress... or so it seems to me; especially from someone with "zero experience"! :)
  24. methusaleh

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? i thought we were a decentralized project?

    OK I'm new round here and all (and for the record I agree with much of kots loooong post) but unless the dash guy and tao are the same person then @TaoOfSatoshi didn't come here to complain about anything but responded to @TheDashGuy post. Having made that point @David I agree any one leading...
  25. methusaleh

    The DAO Creation is now Live

    As usual I agree with your "newbie opinion" on this issue Rusty
  26. methusaleh

    Proposal: Tao Community Coordinator

    Where do I find this 'dash nation consensus' thread? I've just tried searching it here and I just get the comments in this thread? I'm feeling really torn on this one but I would agree with @kot's observations, above. This would be an easier proposal to judge the relative merits of in the new...
  27. methusaleh

    The DAO Creation is now Live

    "The DAO Creation is now Live".... And now..... Commiserations to any DAO hodlers in DASHland atm. Surely Ethereum won't really hard fork over this loss though? $250m regained / all credibility lost??!
  28. methusaleh

    getting close :-)

    Hi Iron Vape I'm a noob MN owner too, feels great having a say in the direction this amazing creation is headed so can recommend getting in there and voting - even if using dashwhale made me real nervous at 1st :oops: tbh I still feel like kind of a dash minnow maybe a dash sprat at best but...
  29. methusaleh

    whats the all-time record wait for a MN payment?

    11 days must be vanishingly unlikely odds, at least as I understand the payout arrangement? Thanks UdjinM6 that really puts my question in context anyway
  30. methusaleh

    whats the all-time record wait for a MN payment?

    HI Guys, title says it all really. I'm curious how long (assuming no technical issues of any kind of course) someone has had to wait to get a payment - yes I know its random and yes, I do have my own ulterior motives for asking! "Block rewards Last selected 4609 blocks ago. Next selection in...
  31. methusaleh

    How to buy Dash with USD using CC or Paypal???

    One option is in the thread 'Opening OTC Trading To Community' In the 'General Discussion' forum. No huge mark ups or wait times with that approach but depends if you're comfortable with it or not I guess. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't post a link to it here atm. Haven't used it...
  32. methusaleh

    BTC when did the shit-flinging start?

    So I just took a wander over to /r/btc and as I was reading the same old stuff for the sixtytwelth time ("core bad classic good"... or is the other way around?) I realised the whole big blocks / little blocks thing has been going on for so long in bitcoin I honestly can't remember when it began...
  33. methusaleh

    Dash Wallet - Private Key Export/Import (video)

    That's great, thanks I'll check that out
  34. methusaleh

    Dash Wallet - Private Key Export/Import (video)

    The video in Tungfa's post at the top of this thread seems to have been taken down by the owner - anyone know if theres another copy around?
  35. methusaleh

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Adding Dash logo to

    I'd say that bears repeating ;) OK well I can try my luck I guess, the worst this guy's going to say is no. It's going to take me a few days to channel my inner 'Tiny Tim'; ":rolleyes:pleeeze sir could you spare a farthing* for a worthy cause?!" but I'll give it a shot *-or 3 thousand dollars
  36. methusaleh

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Adding Dash logo to

    OK fair enough, your area of expertise not mine
  37. methusaleh

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Adding Dash logo to

    :D you're very welcome dash guy! I'm pretty surprised in a world where existing online card companies can pull down bigger sums that 3k for proposals that read like a half hours additional coding to their existing crypto systems to integrate dash this pre-proposal isn't getting more mileage...
  38. methusaleh

    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    I'd have to agree with solarminer POS hardware isn't the issue so much as simply getting the vendor adoption ball rolling. I guess that's a blessing to some - 'not another gizmo filling up my counter space!' - and a curse to others who will value the 'proper' look of a bespoke POS device and I...
  39. methusaleh

    LINUX Wallet Download / Installation Guide:

    Thanks to UdjinM6 for the magical computer incantations - for a moment there I actually felt like I understood Linux! Yep whoever said all Linux users are tech savvy hadn't met me !