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  1. Dusan

    Import paper wallet ERROR

    I tried to import privkey that I generated in DashCore using "dumpprivkey" to Android Dash wallet. I noticed that all the privkeys begin with X... on the beginning of the privkey. Importing that privkey ended with an errormessage. Then I tried some privkeys generated on
  2. Dusan

    DASH advertising missing?

    Ethereum Advertising on Facebook
  3. Dusan

    DASH Total possible Supply on Coinmarketcap

    I think on there should be published the total possible supply, like by other crypto currencies which have fixed total amout of coins. As I know recent it is about 18 mil. DASH coins and it is every month less, minus not used budget coins. Current not...
  4. Dusan

    Mixing over 1 DASH

    I started mixing over 1 DASH and after 14 hours i steel had 0 (zero) PrivateSend Balance. I'm using Dash Core version v0.12.1.3 After this 14 hours period remained me 0,94 DASH balance (not privatesend balance). Any idea why mixing did not work?
  5. Dusan

    Darksent missing change

    Hey, in my wallet (dash-qt) I had Darsend Balance 1.600016 DASH. I Darksent 1.5 DASH to Xmuyimuv11ARdodJ1KWyBAhSiUWzBKpkDJ but now the change 0.100016 DASH is missing. In my wallet it shows like sent all the amout 1.600016 DASH to this address (see attached darksent.png) but the address only...