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  1. abob54

    Write an Article for - Guest Authors Invited

    Hi everyone, is now accepting guest article submissions from anyone in the community who'd like to write about a particular topic or opinion. ( Hopefully some of you with some strong voices on particular issues will consider...
  2. abob54

    New Simplified Proposal Submission Process - Steps reduced to 1 single payment, 20% auto-subsidy

    Hi Everyone, We just finished a new site feature at which vastly simplifies the proposal submission process. For anyone that has tried to submit a proposal before at DashCentral, it's a very clunky involved technical process. (We hope they follow our lead and improve things.)...
  3. abob54

    Proposal: - Taking Dash to #1

    Hello fellow MNO's - After a couple months of discovery and development, we are ready to launch, a site which aims to vastly increase the benefit Dash derives from its treasury fund. The treasury system is Dash's engine for growth that will give it the power to blast to #1...