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    Dash Trust Protector Candidate List

    Dash Watch has received ID verification documentation and conducted KYC for all the Trust Protector Candidates listed below in alphabetical order: Andrew Kerdemelidis - DF: @Max Yoga - Discord: Drako#8046 Forum - Max Yoga Dash Central: lemonysnicket Ashley Francis - DF: @AshFrancis -...
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    Dash Watch Renewal Pre-Proposal April 15 2018

    Pre-Proposal for Dash Watch Continuation with Several Additional Components and Improvements What we’ve accomplished so far: Website built tracking all funded proposals since beginning of the DAO with over 20 metrics, multiple views, and advanced filtering...
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    Dash Watch Team Intro

    Hi everyone! This is the Dash Watch Team and we're writing this to inform proposal owners and masternodes about who we are and what we're doing to prevent any confusion about our role. We are a team and project initiated by paragon in November, 2017 to help the masternodes better follow the...