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  1. TsuyokuNaritai

    Google searches not greatly boosted by press release.

    According to Google trends, our press release didn't make much of an impact if internet searches for "darkcoin" is anything to go by. 1-m&cmpt=date Bear in mind it was a good press release, with lots of positive coverage. How...
  2. TsuyokuNaritai

    Did Andreas just announce his support for mainstream adoption of fully private crypto? He's talked about it lots before, and said it would take over in the future if government stomped on bitcoin, but this is the first time I've seen him say the time has come, the masses should go ahead and adopt it.
  3. TsuyokuNaritai

    Evan on TV.

    Surely it's time to get Darkcoin on TV. If Amir Taaki keeps getting interviews (see above), I don't see why they wouldn't want to talk to Evan. Or if he's camera shy or not confident at that kind of public speaking, maybe another of the devs could.
  4. TsuyokuNaritai

    Businesses accepting non-private cryptos should explain the implications to customers.

    Imagine a woman goes to a website to discreetly buy a pregnancy test. The site invites her to enter her email into a payment web form for a 10% discount. Days later, at work, she overhears that she wasn’t considered for a promotion because they found out about the pregnancy test. Apparently a...
  5. TsuyokuNaritai

    Advert for Darkcoin by The Economist This gem is particularly good: "When physical cash is around, negative interest rates are impossible, savers simply withdraw their savings. Get rid of physical money, and the problem goes away."
  6. TsuyokuNaritai

    Nine robots?

    As I type, the number of members logged on is... Total: 57 (members: 14, guests: 34, robots: 9) What kind of bots are these?
  7. TsuyokuNaritai

    How does one aquire "Vertoe's Coveted"?
  8. TsuyokuNaritai

    Which copycoins will promise tor first?

    Which "anonymous" scamcoin will be first to promise their very own private tor network? How lolzy will that page of their white paper be? How will their paid trolls & sockpuppets pretend their implementation is so much better than Darkcoin's? Predictions below...
  9. TsuyokuNaritai

    Does this mean MNs will be far more profitable than expected?

    Many people decided whether it was worth buying for and setting up masternodes based on how much profit they could make, which depended on how many masternodes there were already listed. 3/10 as many masternodes = 3.3 times more DRK per MN. Do we know yet how many masternodes are on mainnet...
  10. TsuyokuNaritai

    Wanted: 3D logo for our orchestral darkcoin anthem vid by film composer

    Hi, Georgii Cerkiin has composed a DarkCoin Anthem for us and had it performed by an orchestra! He'd like a 3D video of the darkcoin logo if possible and other graphics for the video presentation. Can anyone help? Thanks.