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    MN paynment delay

    My last payment is delayed ~16 days. MN is 2/4894 on payment queue and that is for almost a week. I have done dashman restart . Do I have to worry? Should I do something or just wait till get paid?
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    No paynmant

    Hi, i just whated to say that my masternode has no paynment since 22/08/2015. That is 11 days whit no paynment. Is it normal with new 12 version or i should search for errors. Dashninja says that i am with correct version 12.51 and port is open. All cells are green.
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    RC5 wallet load blokchain too slow

    Hi, i'm experiencing strange thing. After updating my wallet to RC5 it's start to load new bloks from blockchain very sow (about 1 per sec). I deleted all but wallet.dat and start from 0 to update blockchain. It's started loading fast but continuosly slowing loading speed to the same (1...