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  1. TheSingleton

    Refund proposal fee if net votes > X%

    Hey everyone, I heard this brought up a couple of times and I think it would be a good idea to refund the proposal fee if the proposal in question is good. The proposal fee should only discourage dishonest and low value proposals. But it might also discourage good proposals, so to encourage a...
  2. TheSingleton

    Calculating the Value of Proposals

    Hey everybody, a short while ago @pablomp has created a way to calculate the fair value of a Currency in terms of another. Using no market data at all just transaction count, velocity and supply this method results in surprisingly accurate results. For more information, you should read his...
  3. TheSingleton

    What exactly are the plans of Core regarding the Budget System?

    The whole point of 12.1 was that it would be easy to modify and upgrade the Budget Systems as well as prepare us for Evolution. But so far I have not seen any indication that the core team is working on an improved budget system. And while such an improvement would, in the end, need to be...