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  1. TheSingleton

    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    3 Investments? I thought it was only 2 Craypay and the yet to be announced one. So there is even more to wait on :) I have to say it's really great to have you on the DIF Darren great Results and Communication. Have you thought about compensation for the DIF Supervisors? Wouldn't want to lose...
  2. TheSingleton

    Regarding the 5 Dash proposal fee

    I think if we restart something like Dash Boost it should work similar to Gitcoin Grants. Though I think more projects similar to Dash Incubator could also solve this issue.
  3. TheSingleton

    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    Would be interesting to know what your competitors are. I would think that this is a pretty crowded space.
  4. TheSingleton

    Community Ideas

    @AndyDark That's pretty much the reaction i expected. While i would never advocate for increasing the Block Rewards decreasing them seems acceptable to me. But of course just because i find it acceptable doesn't say anything about what others or the market as a whole thinks. So i would say my...
  5. TheSingleton

    Community Ideas

    As anybody given any thought to just reducing the ammount of dash created? Instead of worrying how to best distribute the created Dash we could just not create it at all. Not sure if that is a good idea (its' definitelly controversial) but i think it's at least an option to consider. We have...
  6. TheSingleton

    Dash Merchant Venezuela - Massive Adoption Program (Updates + News)

    Also, something I would find interesting to know are there Merchants adding Dash without your direct involvement and if so how many?
  7. TheSingleton

    Dash Merchant Venezuela - Massive Adoption Program (Updates + News)

    Do you have some data on how often people actually buy something with Dash it any of these merchants?
  8. TheSingleton

    Proposal: Core Team Conferences & Travel (July)

    This put's us 18.25 Dash overbudget. Was that considered when creating the Proposal? Reading the description it seems like requestion a little less to avoid this would have been fine.
  9. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    I will definitely support this proposal. The quality of the things you make is really outstanding.
  10. TheSingleton

    Question regarding jurisdiction in which Core Group, Inc. is planning to pay tax

    The way I understand it DCG is registered in the USA (probably Arizona) and will pay taxes there. The Trust is already active and owns the DCG but this has no influence on where DCG pays taxes. And hopefully soon we will get some guidelines about what the Trust allows the masternodes to do and how.
  11. TheSingleton

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense you have my support.
  12. TheSingleton

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    The offline payments solution is the only thing I am worried about. Because so far I have not seen any way to do safe crypto payments without an internet connection. What exactly do you want to do and how?
  13. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal: 1st DASH Conference Trujillo Venezuela 850.000+ people!!

    I find it quite strange that so many people with new accounts are commenting in support of this. It feels fishy.
  14. TheSingleton

    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    I just want to say that I support this project. Especially with all the effort that has already gone into it. What is your current timeline? When do you plan on submitting a proposal? I fear with the current price it will be hard to quickly get 2Million$. Personally, I wouldn't' recommend...
  15. TheSingleton

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    @JackDashRemix Hey, are you still working on this? I wouldn't recommend submitting this cycle but hopefully, with the increasing price next cycle there will be more space.
  16. TheSingleton

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    Yes, I still got a little bit of Dash in there.
  17. TheSingleton


    I am just going to say that while I have nothing against your proposal with the budget as it is I will likely be voting against anything advertising related. Now you are not only advertising but with the giveaway doing a bit extra which is good. I would suggest sticking with the 50 Dash.
  18. TheSingleton

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    @akhavr I just checked my app and it just says that I will get a replacement card one it is available.
  19. TheSingleton

    DashNexus - The Next Generation Dash Governance Platform

    This looks fantastic definitely voting Yes.
  20. TheSingleton

    Refund proposal fee if net votes > X%

    This is why I would like to know from core how much effort it is to implement this change. If it would delay evolution for a month then, of course, that would be a bad idea. But I suspect/hope that with the large development team in place now I could be done without delaying evolution significantly.
  21. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal: HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    I have got some more questions. Since you are asking to get some of the money you already spent back how much of your own funds have and will you spend on this project? Second what exactly is your business model what kind of fees can users of the platform expect? And lastly, you should sign an...
  22. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal: HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    First of all not a good start to have already posted your proposal. pre-proposals should be given sufficient time for some discussions. Anyway, I got 2 questions. Why exactly are you qualified to do this. And can you please provide a more detailed breakdown of your budget. Also since you are...
  23. TheSingleton

    Refund proposal fee if net votes > X%

    Hey everyone, I heard this brought up a couple of times and I think it would be a good idea to refund the proposal fee if the proposal in question is good. The proposal fee should only discourage dishonest and low value proposals. But it might also discourage good proposals, so to encourage a...
  24. TheSingleton

    ALL ABOUT DASH 2.0 Resource channel & Website for Latin American audiences *continuation*

    What you are doing looks good. And if we can get a confirmation that you are working with some of the other Latin American projects (dash help Venezuela is probably the most relevant to what you are doing.) Then I will definitely vote yes again.
  25. TheSingleton

    Can Dash provide a stable value coin?

    You should take a look at DAI/MakerDAO a fully decentralised stable coin build on Ethereum.
  26. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Well, the people I showed the logos picked O&M immediately but I have read some good arguments why this is not a good fit for dash. for example, the double D representing the blockchain. The end user should never have to worry about the blockchain it's about being digital cash. And I never...
  27. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    At first, I didn't like any of the two but the Ogilvy one is growing on me whereas the Tharp logo I still don't like that curved D. Especially since there is data backing up the Ogilvy logo ill vote for it. It's new and fresh jumps out at you and if that really is too much then it also works...
  28. TheSingleton


    While I don't dislike your proposal atm I wouldn't vote for it. With the budget as tight as it is I prefer proposals that include actual usage of Dash and not random sponsorships. I do like how detailed your proposal is but unless the price and thus the budget increases I can't support this.
  29. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal: Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorships 2018

    I will vote Yes on this if you don't submit a proposal for the whole amount this cycle the budget is just to strained already.
  30. TheSingleton

    Poll: Evo will expose your contact list, are you concerned?

    I don't think this will be an issue. You should be able to store all contacts/info in an encrypted way on DashDrive and locally decrypt in the client. And since the addresses are based on both users involved in the transaction they are also they only ones to know about it.
  31. TheSingleton

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    That looks quite good and shows again just how professional you are working. You will definitely have my vote.
  32. TheSingleton

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    I like what you are planning on doing. We need to spread Dash all over Venezuela. And since AlejandroE seems to support you I also trust that you can do it. Definitive Yes from me.
  33. TheSingleton

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    Well in case you want to also keep track of proposals after they have passed you should work with That's basically what they are doing. It would probably be easiest if you handle stuff before the proposal is accepted and then if that happens just provide all the necessary...
  34. TheSingleton

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    @JackDashRemix I just want to say that over last couple of days I was really wishing that a project like this already existed. Spending so much time looking at proposals and their discussions having a structured review of them would have been so helpful. Also, I hope that your evaluation of a...
  35. TheSingleton

    Pre-proposal: AgroCognitive - An ultimate solution to bring Dash to the fields (First month)

    Do I understand it correctly that after this proposal is funded you will be self-sufficent? Also, it would probably a good idea to talk with Core about an agreement for you to use exclusively Dash for a period of time after going live.
  36. TheSingleton

    Pre-proposal: AgroCognitive - An ultimate solution to bring Dash to the fields (First month)

    These kinds of proposals are always hard to judge. Even if the basic idea is sound startup's do fail. In this case, I think the chance of getting part of the Venezuelan supply chain onto Dash is worth the risk.
  37. TheSingleton

    Liberty Movement Conferences Sponsorship

    While I agree that conferences might not be the most efficient use of funds it's still important for us to be persistent in this area. Also, there are only a few proposals that in my opinion spend their funds in a better way. What I really like about this is the Dash Economy Simulation not...
  38. TheSingleton

    75,000 users and counting , next stop 1 million users if you support us

    I would not recommend these users ever touch a full node even with a bootstrap it's not friendly. is probably what i would recommend on a desktop. Though preferably the users in venezuela just use android/ios apps.