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  1. Dworf

    Change MN hosting without losing active status

    is it possible to shift a masternode to a new machine with new IP without losing its active status?
  2. Dworf

    DashQt and Masternode address problem

    ok - the problem startet when I created the new address with "masternode genkey" and send the collateral to that address, Then the Tx was done and visible on the blockchain but up to now it does not show up in the Tx list of the Qt wallet. As next step I setup the masternode created the...
  3. Dworf

    Particl marcet place SDC decided to swap their project into a market place centric platform which allows other cryptos to be used: This new approach will encourage the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, ZCash and...
  4. Dworf

    Dash Core Version v0.12.1.4 virustotal warnings

    here is the result: áfter checking the seven warnings they are most likely false warnings all together. But I think for a wallet which is critical the number of warnings is too high in...
  5. Dworf

    the importance of the remittance market

    There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it (Forbes, Sep 11th 16) According to this article 20% of the $500 billion go through Bitcoin (questionable?). Anyways this seems to be a very big and very important market and should also be addressed by DASH.
  6. Dworf

    DASH usage in real life

    I made a request to to accept DASH. Background is that they already accept Bitcoin but no credit cards anymore. Here is the funny reply: We will not be accepting Dash in the near future. The reason is staff training. Getting them OK with Bitcoin was challenging...
  7. Dworf

    Mixing 100% complete

    and that all the time - I transferred the coins forth and back but the indicator still says 100%. What can I do to make it mixing again.
  8. Dworf


    Just to mention the situation in India where cash has been banned from the streets (more or less) DASH needs urgently - a tanslation into Hindi - a Hindi Wikipedia entry - a Hindi mobile wallet Maybe a specialized website for India would be good
  9. Dworf

    MN error log

    today my MN failed (process died) - here is the error log: 2016-11-16 13:39:09 CMasternodeSync:ProcessMessage - ssc - got inventory count 2 4185 2016-11-16 13:39:11 dstx: Got Masternode transaction 1c465b7fb25bbab18ee7cb0e2c6cf15a4a387b3a52354e5915599c5b1fc35f27 2016-11-16 13:39:11...
  10. Dworf

    Transaction obfuscation

    Since DASH has already the masternode network it would be easy to replace premixing with obfuscation. There is one system that does this already in a very effective way: advantages: just in time obfuscation no extensive resources needed which are not available right...
  11. Dworf

    Masternodes and volume

    due to this: and this: I want to suggest a new solution to the problem of constantly high holdings. But...
  12. Dworf

    Zeronet, Openbazaar & market places

    Like all applications, DASH need a big community to rise its value. Market places are naturally the best way to use a currency. But Eb*y and Ama*on even do not accept Bitcoin for payments - not to talk about DASH. There were some discussions about a Openbazaar fork for DASH support. But since OB...
  13. Dworf

    Fungability, Privacy and Privatesend

    After following this issue some time I do not see a good solution for now. And that is a pretty poor situation. DASH has the most advanced governance structure, the fastest payment engine but only a poor mixing based privacy solution. From my point of view there will be a simple and efficient...
  14. Dworf

    Payment Enforcement

    I just missed a POS reward when the pool did just pay out 0 and kept the POS reward for my MN: obviously this is only possible when payment enforcement is disabled. It looks like this switch is set...
  15. Dworf

    Not capable masternode: Could not connect to <ip>:<port>

    I use DashCore to setup a masternode (Dash Core Version v0.12.0.58 (64-Bit)) under Windows 10. I followed this guide: Everything works fine except that I cannot start the masternode and continuesly get this...